Learn to sing like a pro at Glee Camp

  • Written by Deborah Stone
glee oneA new singing camp is came to the Eastside this summer, offering 11- to 17- year-olds the chance to train like a “Glee” star and put on a show to prove it.

“Glee Camp is not about getting your kid to just sing some songs,” explains camp director Kim Snyder. “It’s about teaching them the same vocal and performance techniques that the cast of “Glee” and other professional singers use. It’s about challenging them to discover what’s inside them, inspiring them to work hard and to put on the show of their lives.”

Snyder, a certified vocal instructor and performance coach, has worked with singers around the world through her studio The Voice Club. She has been a professional singer and voice talent since the age of 15 and has prepared singers for “The Voice,” “X-Factor” and “American Idol,” as well as major record label showcase concerts.

Snyder led several singing camps, vocal workshops and conferences in California before moving to Redmond two years ago.

“This is the first time I’m offering a camp in this area,” she says, “but I plan on holding future camps and classes here, as well as provide private lessons for local students of all ages, levels and styles.” Glee Camp is a one-week camp that culminates with a live concert at the end of the session. It is geared toward both individuals with little singing or performance experience and those who are more seasoned at their craft.

“Campers at a beginning level will find an encouraging, supporting environment with opportunities to learn new things,” comments Snyder. “Experienced singers and/or performers will not only be encouraged to grow as leaders, but will learn professional level skills they can take into every other opportunity. They will be challenged and in the process they will rethink the way they sing, perform and move.”

Snyder explains that her teaching method is extremely unique. It is based on the health and anatomy of the voice and was designed with the help of vocal surgeons at Harvard University.

“I unlock what happens in a natural born singer’s voice,” she says. “I use a scientific and medically based technique that works to balance the voice.”

Snyder will also work with participants on their performance technique, helping them to master on-stage secrets that professional singers use to win audiences over during their shows.

“There’s a difference between choreography and being an effective artist,” she comments. “Performing is much more than just learning the moves. It involves connecting with the audience and getting a response.” The live show in front of family and friends at the end of the week will provide a change for campers to put their skills to the test. The group will perform hit numbers such as “Someone Like You,” “Forget You,” “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “River Deep Mountain High.”

Those interested in doing a solo will be able to audition for this opportunity and Snyder will work with the selected participants on a more individual basis.

“When I was a teen singer,” says the local woman, “I worked only with adults so I had to work as hard as they did. But when I started training younger voices, I realized that few other instructors were really expecting much from them. That’s where the show “Glee” has made a big difference. When kids see what other young singers are capable of, they want to go beyond just singing fun songs. Glee Camp gives them a taste of what it’s really like to sing and perform at that level.”

Snyder plans to open a vocal and performance studio next year and is currently looking for an Eastside location. “We want to be in this area if possible,” she adds. “I think there’s a good market for this type of training, as there’s lots of interest in it from what I can see.”

What: Glee Camp, for ages 11-17

When: August 6-10

Where: Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center

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