King County releases tapes in Woodinville home burglary shooting

  • Written by Don Mann
King County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Cindi West released the three 911 calls from the daytime Woodinville home burglary where a male suspect was allegedly shot twice and his female accomplice fled.

This is a transcription of all three calls as best that can be deciphered by the audio tapes.

Transcription of call No. 1

Caller: 911 I need a policeman right now.

Dispatcher: What happened?

Caller: I’ve got a burglary in progress and I’ve got somebody shot out the door.

Dispatcher: What is the address sir?

Caller: ... 168th Ave. NE.

Dispatcher: Who got shot? What happened, sir?

Caller: A guy took off, he took after me. He was ... I’ve got a woman here at gunpoint and I’ve got a burglar in the house. OK?

Dispatcher: OK, what’s your name?

Dispatcher: Where’s the guy at?

Caller: I don’t know. He went out the door and I’ve got the woman at gunpoint.

Dispatcher: Did he go in a car or on foot?

(There was shrieking (sic.) in the background. The caller could be heard saying “I’m not letting you go …”)

Caller: Oh no she’s running ... she’s running ... Goodbye.”

Transcription of call No. 2:

Caller: gasping.

Dispatcher: 911, what are you reporting?

Caller: I’ve been shot.

Dispatcher: Where can we find you? We need to send medics to you. Where are you?

Caller: I don’t know.

Dispatcher: OK, I need to find out. Are you in front of a business?

Caller: No. I’m on the road.

Dispatcher: OK, do you see a street sign?

(More gasps from the caller.)

Dispatcher: Are you in front of a house?

Caller: I’m on 158th and something

Dispatcher: 158th Northeast?

Caller: I don’t know. I’m just pausing right here.

Dispatcher: Do you see a house, a house number?

Caller: gasping more. Yeah.Awhhhh. (Bleep)

Dispatcher: What’s your name sir? Are you in a car?

Caller: Yeah

Dispatcher: OK, what kind of vehicle are you in?

Caller: Volkswagen

Dispatcher: What color?

Caller: Blue

Dispatcher: Who shot you?

Caller: I don’t know — some guy.

Dispatcher: What’s your name?

Caller: (very feint [sic.]) Dustin

Dispatcher: Dusty?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatcher: OK. what’s you last name Dusty?

Caller: (inaudible)

Dispatcher: Sorry, what’s your last name Dusty?

Caller: Goodhue.

Dispatcher: Where did you get shot? What part of your body?

Caller: My stomach. I’m dying.

Dispatcher: We’re gonna get the medics, so stay on the phone with me. OK?

The telephone line on that call then went blank.

Transcription of call No. 3:

This call was made to a different 911 dispatcher from a  citizen moments later:

Caller: I’ve got a guy on the side of the road and he says he’s been shot.

Dispatcher: OK, and where are you?

Caller: In Woodinville on 158th Avenue and a cross street about NE 160th. In the background the caller was heard to say to someone else “You got him?”

Caller: Yeah. It’s around Hollywood Hill in Woodinville.

Dispatcher: Are you with a male or a female?

Caller: A male

(There was much static on the line.)

Dispatcher: Is the guy conscious?

Caller: Yes he is.

Dispatcher: Give me a description. Is he a white male or black male?

Caller: He’s a white male, probably 30

Dispatcher: What’s he wearing?

Caller: He’s wearing a blackT-shirt, jeans and black Nike tennis shoes

Dispatcher: OK. Where’s he been shot at?

Caller: Looks like in the stomach.

Dispatcher: Does he appear to be dangerous or anything like that?

Caller: I don’t think so

Dispatcher: Was he on foot or was he in a car?

Caller: Well, it was just weird. I think his car is just sitting behind me here.

Dispatcher: What kind of vehicle is that?

Caller: It’s a Volkswagen Passat and there’s blood in the car.

Dispatcher: OK. Well, don’t touch anything. The caller was heard to say to others on the scene: “Hey, don’t touch the car guys.”

Caller: The police are here now.

Post script: The male suspect, Dustin Stanley Goodhue, 29, reportedly shot twice by the homeowner — once in the abdomen and once in the groin —  survived his wounds at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and is in satisfactory condition. According to other sources, he has been charged by King County prosecutors with residential burglary. His female accomplice remains at large.

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