Riverview School District reviews honors and academically talented program

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
Over the past two years the Riverview School District  has been involved in a process to complete a program review of the K-12 Honors/Academically Talented Program. A committee was formed, comprised of teachers, administrators, and parents. This year in addition to the committee, two consultants were added to the team allowing for classroom visits, meeting with parents, students, and staff, and to review all aspects of the current program. The consultants, Barbara Maurer and  Dr. Jayasri Ghosh have been engaged in this field of study for over 30 years.  Goals for the committee included:

• Celebrating the success and growth of the current Honors/Academically Talented/AP Program

•  Developing a philosophy statement

•  Improving the continuity of the program

• Upgrading information about these programs onto the district website

•        Making recommendations to professional external program review consultants

• Hiring consultants to complete a program review

• Sharing results of the review with the RSD School Board of Directors

• Using the results to formulate a 3-5 year plan

The results of the committee’s work along with the external program review was discussed during a Riverview School Board work study and presented at the June 26, 2012 school board meeting. The district will then take the results and implement the improvements by means of the District Strategic Plan.

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