Letters to the Editor - August 20, 2012

  • Written by Readers


Anyone in the vicinity of Hollywood Hill Elementary School will have noticed the constant stream of huge dump trucks, some with trailers, hauling dirt up Hollywood Hill for the past several weeks.

It is being dumped to form an enormous landfill across from the Saddle Club arena.  Some developer is likely planning to build homes on this fill, though who would be crazy enough to buy such a house is beyond me.

Aside from the traffic, dust and diesel exhaust problems these trucks have been causing, what is going to happen with that mountain of fill when it starts raining hard this coming November?

We have had severe problems with excessive runoff due to construction on this hill in the past, but nothing has been done on this scale before.

I can foresee a disaster in the making.

Woodin Creek is likely to be completely filled in with the silty runoff this fiasco will create. ...

Charlie  Slemp, Woodinville


On Friday, August 10, Kadja came home.  The sweet five year old gray cat had been missing from her Brookside neighborhood (Avondale Road and 155th Street NE) since July 8.

We had talked to neighbors, walked the trails and called her name for weeks.

We had given her up for lost to a coyote. Then suddenly, she was sitting on the back lawn.

She was so excited to be home that she climbed up on our laps and purred for hours.

Our normally shy cat followed us around from room to room — even when our 20 month old grandson came for an overnight visit!

Kadja arrived home healthy and clearly well-fed.

Some wonderful family must have been caring for her during her month away from home.

We would like whoever cared for Kadja to know how very grateful we are for their kindness and generosity.

But Kadja’s return raises another question.

Her nearly identical sister, Keita, disappeared in late May. We also looked long and hard for Keita.

With the safe return of Kadja, our hopes have been raised.

Is it possible another (or the same) kind family has been caring for Keita?

If you have seen Keita (she normally wears a red collar with a small bell) we would be so very grateful to hear from you.

There is a $50 reward offered for her safe return.

Peggy Sherman, Woodinville


I was amazed (and upset) with the insensitivity shown in the Police Beat segment titled Dining Al Fresco.

I failed to find any humor in making light of a man that must find his next meal in a trash can.

I can’t imagine the desperate circumstances that force someone to do this.  Describing the experience as a smorgasbord is grossly misrepresentative of the experience.

This is not the time to try and get laughs, but instead it’s a call for compassion and assistance for those less fortunate in our community.

Jerry Talcott, Woodinville


I am writing to thank the Woodinville Weekly for such great coverage during the snow week/days.

I thought that the stories and pictures were terrific.

For example, the picture of the giant snowman on your website grabbed my attention and made me want to read the article.

What I learned is that the community in Woodinville enjoyed the snow and was already preparing for issues such as flooding after the snow melts.

Thank you for keeping the community up-to-date and informed.

Jake Mismas, Boy Scout, Troop 39


I would like to thank you for giving full unbiased reports on what is going on in the city of Woodinville.

I know it is a great help to me and I’m sure many others appreciate it as well.

Aaron Hoffman, via email

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