Bobcat pays another visit

  • Written by Holly Hedglin

Bobcat2I saw your August 6 paper the other day and lo and behold who is on Page 2?

Quite possibly the same cat showed up on our property on the 7th.  We are on 228th St. SE, two streets to the west of Kokanee.

The story by Claire Ridlon was very similar to mine.

I saw this “stray” animal on the steps in our back yard thinking at first that it was a dog. I went outside onto the deck and was taken aback discovering that it was no dog but a very large cat.

The tail was twitching and as I took in the entire scene I realized this cat was not the domestic kind.

I grabbed the camera and went out onto the deck to call for my husband and dog who were outside to warn them.  As I hollered, the photo shows the cat’s reaction: nonchalant.

Its calmness in my presence was unnerving to say the least.

It was content to keep its back to me and only turned around when I spoke.

A call to the Department of  Fish and Wildlife expressing concern for our young grandchildren and small dog did not provide relief. They said there was “usually” no concern in that regard.  They advised that we stop feeding the birds as the bobcat was just following the food chain  of birds, squirrels, rats and rabbits.

Not entirely comfortable with the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s advice concerning children and dogs, nor knowing this cat’s proclivity for a wider range of meal choices, we sincerely hope it has moved on.

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