Letters to the Editor - August 27, 2012

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Well, I feel silly.  I should have done some research before my letter to you of last week.

What I thought was a new development plan turns out to be a damage-control effort. The mountain of soil that is being hauled in and deposited on the slope across from the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club arena is to prevent further slippage of the soil above.  Some existing homes are in jeopardy of slipping down the slope and there are a number of trees that are already leaning in that direction.

So, my fears of another development on the hill with more silty runoff is actually an effort to prevent further damage to an existing development.

However, I do hope that the job is completed soon so that the coming rains don’t wash this new soil down into Woodin Creek.

I also hope that their efforts to prevent further slippage of the existing fill are successful in saving the homes in danger.

Charlie Slemp, Woodinville


Over the last six years or so I have been waiting for someone to represent me on the national stage and offer me the opportunities so many others have already been offered and squandered. I am 26 years old, a college graduate and a server at a restaurant because the politicians of today have forgotten about people like me.

I don’t need or want a hand out, not that I couldn’t use one right about now, I just want the chance to do something more than to take your order and your condescending attitude.

I know that President Obama wants me to work in technology, but I am just not tech savvy.

I know Gov. Romney wants me wait my turn as his minion in a international business that has given up on community connections in search of larger profits, but I’m just not that cold hearted ... As a result I am stuck in a rut with no change in sight, no hope on the horizon and no future in mind.

To this day our country tells children get an education and doors will open up for you.

But, no one shares the disclaimer “but only if you correctly pick the next emerging field.”

If we are a nation trying to refocus on education, why do we have more safeguards for bad teachers than good ones? Why are there still hundreds of thousands of wannabe teachers jobless?

And why are all the political candidates ... [not] helping people like me work at all.

Lets get back to what made this country great —  supporting the naive dreams of the youth, the hard work of the 20 somethings and the innovation and sophistication of the 30 somethings.

And let’s move away from the money hungry, outdated thinking, backstabbing ideology of the modern day Wall Streeters  ...

To be honest I don’t even care which party goes there first, all I know is the party that ... starts planning for America 2050 is the party that will win my vote.

And don’t ask me what that model looks like because I really don’t have a clue, but I’m pretty sure it does not include padding the pocketbooks of the super rich or stroking the egos of of big business CEOs and it might have something to do with a new job or two.

Matt Gerhardt, Woodinville

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