Tolt Middle School students excel at the 2012 TSA Nationals

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Tolt Middle School students and their advisor, Mark Klune, are to be congratulated for their continued success in the Tolt Technology Student Association Program. Their dedication and preparation for the 2012 TSA National Competition in Nashville, Tennessee led the way to numerous awards for students this year.

The TSA programs at Tolt and Cedarcrest help to bring technology and the arts to life for these committed students.  Through this program students acquire knowledge and experience with many diverse academic subject matter areas including:  photography, technology, video production, fashion design, game design, music production, promotional graphics and architectural modeling.

The following students are to be commended for their impressive presentations at this year’s National event:

Melissa Aitken: 4th place – Techno Talk and tenth place in Go Green Manufacturing

Christian Aksama: 7th place – Essays on Technology

Madison Beam: 10th place – in Go Green Manufacturing

Piper Cramer: 4th place – Techno Talk and tenth place in Go Green Manufacturing

Logan Cromarty: 5th place – Video Gaming

Micah Mutch: 1st place –Multi-Media

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