2012/13 School Board student reps

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
vvstudent reps
Jake Knoth and Kylie Leslie. Courtesy photo.
This year Cedarcrest senior Kylie Leslie and junior Jake Knoth will be attending RSD School Board meetings, on behalf of Cedarcrest High School as the appointed school board student representatives.

This will be Kylie’s second year in this position, and the first year for Jake. Both students expressed their appreciation and admiration for the meaningful work done each year by the Riverview School District administration and the school Board of Directors.

Kylie shares, “I am truly looking forward to my second year in this position, as I find the school board meetings very interesting and enjoyable!  I am so impressed at the amount of ‘behind the scenes’  meetings, state wide conferences, events etc. that our board of directors attend.”

Jake added, “I have been amazed at the way my perspective of the educational process has grown with regard to my understanding of the work required of the board of directors.  My experience so far has already increased the depth of pride I have for Riverview, and I find the school board’s dedication to our schools, students and community very inspiring.”

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