Beer, it's my opinion! Sept. 10, 2012

  • Written by Toren Heald, Owner/ Broker, Wedgewood Realty and Beer Lover

I was just hanging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon when a friend texted me: “Have you been to the new brewery?” By the way, these are the kind of texts that I get; I guess this will teach me for writing about beer.   Well, not to disappoint all of my loyal following I painstakingly peeled myself off the couch to head up to our newest brewery in Woodinville, Triple Horn Brewery. I found Rich Nesheim, one of the founders and owners of our new watering hole, pouring beer for the moderate Sunday crowd, most of whom were my favorite Woodinvillites.  Not going to name drop but great people know great beer.   After several minutes of Rich pouring beer for the other patrons, it was my turn for him to take me on the grand tour.

They have some seating in the warehouse section of the facility that is open to the brewing equipment. They have a beautiful 10-barrel steam-operated boiler and three 20-barrel fermenters.  What does that mean? It means they are fermenting up 1,800 gallons of beer at any given time.  Just for fun: everyone should show up to their tasting room within a couple days of this article coming out and have few pints each to see if we clean ’em out of stock.

I always like to hear breweries complain they can’t keep up with demand.  That is the best indicator that we are doing our jobs as consumers.

Darn the bad luck. I had to make a second trip to the brewery for another go- around with a second sampler tray. I usually rely on the brewery’s website to provide me with some of the pertinent data about their beers but apparently they have been so busy brewing great beers that they haven’t spent enough time on the website (   My line up consisted of:

Freya’s Wit — is  a smooth, crisp easy drinking brew, nice and light for those hot summer days.   It does have a faint hint of apricot which is subtle and doesn’t overpower the beer.  The days of ‘No fruit in beer’ are numbered.  I may have to personally re-write man law because I have been finding great beer with fruit in it and this would be one.   4.9% ABV

Bitfrost American Pale — The malts are almost perfectly balanced with hops. This easy drinker is good for all occasions with great hop notes that don’t overpower.  5% ABV

Lady Wink IPA — is Triple Horn’s most popular. I’m not much different than the populous because it happened to my favorite of their beers as well. Dry hopped with Simcoe hops really brings out a delicious floral nose.  5.9% ABV

Folkvang Irish Red — has got a bold flavor of rich malty goodness. For red ale it has a rich brown color but when held up to the natural light it magically brings out the red.  5.8% ABV

Falcon Cloak Blonde Ale — is also nicknamed around the brewery as the Bitchy Blonde.  I don’t know about the Bitchy part but she is a big blonde. She is cloudy with a wealth of maltiness.  Definitely stands on her own with 6.3% ABV; you won’t want to meet this blonde in a dark alley.

This is a new favorite spot for me.  They have a great atmosphere and top quality beer you are sure to love.

“There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.”

Ben Franklin

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