Letters to the Editor - Sept. 17, 2012

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I am 41 years old, wife and mom of three kids and last year I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I am doing well.

Unfortunately, others don’t always fare so well.

Brain cancer is known as an “orphan” cancer because it is so rare that it isn’t worth the investment for big pharmaceutical companies to research treatment drugs or a cure.

At the Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Cherry Hill, Dr. Greg Foltz is working to give patients hope — hope for new, more effective treatments and eventually, hope for a cure.

This is why I am taking part in the Swedish Brain Cancer Walk to support the cause this year on September 22, 2012. (The walk is from 9  a.m. to noon at the Seattle Center. For more information, visit

Please ask your readers to consider donating to this cause.

Elizabeth Fell, Woodinville


I have been watching with interest the debate about the proposed park at Wellington Hills. I have two soccer-playing boys, so I must admit to being in favor of the project all along. However, I can understand the worries of the neighboring families in regard to noise and parking.

It is wonderful that the park planning commission has made adjustments that should make the park not only acceptable, but welcome, to the entire community

. A large buffer zone is the first step.  A huge open community park is another item I noticed neighbors asking for. Walking and mountain bike trails appeal to a wide range of park users and neighbors.

I see that a pedestrian overpass and a traffic roundabout at the park entrance will help mitigate traffic concerns. The natural playground looks fantastic! Dogs get an off-leash area. And soccer players still get several much-needed new fields.

Wow! I am very excited to have this wonderful park in our neighborhood!

Carolyn Houser, Woodinville


This is in response to Matt Gerhardt’s letter to the editor of August 27, 2012.

Matt, look at the good side. You have an important job serving your fellow man. There’s a lot to learn at your job. Most people are nice, a few can be mean at times. Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn’t like. We too, can look for the best in people.

You won’t be at this job forever. You had the gumption to write your good letter and send it in.

You will eventually find a job in the field you love because you have moxie.

Please don’t be too cynical about those “in search of larger profits” because they allow us to keep our jobs and provide more jobs.

These are frustrating times. But we have better people coming into our Congress and hopefully a new administration which will provide a brighter future for all. Hang in there Matt. Be of cheer. Better times are on the way.

Mal Anderson, Redmond


Thursday nights have not been the same since the “Music in the Park” at Cottage Lake ended for the summer.

This free event was a great way to get ready for the weekend. The concerts this year were wonderful with such variety of music ranging from jazz, big band era and rock and roll. All performances were excellent.

It was great to be exposed to different types of music. A special thanks to the Upper Bear Creek Community Council for having this summer series.

I would encourage anyone who has never gone to the concerts to go. The event is very family friendly in beautiful surroundings and is a nice way to meet other music lovers. I hope this event continues. Thanks again to the Upper Bear Creek Community Council and all the terrific musicians for their hard work in making the concerts happen.

Cheri Dix, Woodinville

The farms in the Sammamish Valley are special. Not only is the open space a big part of our city’s beauty, the lands also provide opportunities for new farmers and help support our local wine-tourism industry.

Unfortunately, there’s currently a proposal before the King County Council that would expand the urban growth area and allow sprawl into the valley — losing our farmlands forever.  As there is plenty of land available within the city limits for urban growth, this is completely unnecessary. Please support protecting our farmland and tell the King County Council to vote down the proposal. You can learn more at

What an amazing place we live in. Don’t spoil it.

Debbie Shapiro, Woodinville

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