‘Day of Caring’ at Gold Creek Park

  • Written by Lincoln Potter, Special to the Weekly

GCP Day of Caring
A work crew from Philips Medical recently worked on the walking trails in Gold Creek Park. Photo by Lincoln Potter
Down a rough, wooded trail in Gold Creek Park recently, it looked like “A Day of Caring” was going to be followed by a “a day of caring for our backs!”

A wise-cracking, hard-working gang of 16 from Bothell-based Philips  Medical was kicking up some serious dirt and throwing down some heavy gravel.

Mike Crandell, project coordinator from KC Parks, cautioned: “That’s enough, you guys have done a lot!”

But the crew would have none of it. Tote that pail, rake that trail! They just wouldn’t stop!

There was a singer, a gaggle of jokers and lots of giving each other and Mike a hard time, that made the rough work, well, not exactly a breeze in the trees but fun.

And the park trails need it, mostly because of some rough winters. King County Parks and Tom Short from The Hollywood Hill Saddle Club are working at making the park’s 38 acres forested nature trails a “walk in the park” year-round.

“We are ON it!” Devon Schweizer, team leader from Philips, vowed as rocks were moved, native plants re-rooted and heavy loads of gravel hauled and spread along more than 250 feet of trail.

KC Parks is partnering with Hollywood Hill Saddle Club and the Hollywood Hill Association who have started a 501c3 bank account to take donations for the Gold Creek Park for upkeep and trails.

Tax-exempt contributions will be gratefully accepted at “Friends of Hollywood Hill Park” PO box 2973, Woodinville, WA 98072.

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