Letters to the Editor - October 1, 2012

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Education in this state, as in so many other states across this nation, is suffering from a plethora of problems.

Among them are lack of appropriate and effectively focused funding, together with the unwillingness to objectively address the many operational issues hamstringing efforts to improve the delivery of a first class education to our students.

As Dawn McCravey has pointed out, the present incumbent, Senator McAuliffe, has been either unable or unwilling to address these issues. Good intentions are not enough and it is time for a change in leadership.

The status quo simply will not produce the needed improvements.Dawn McCravey is well placed to bring about the changes needed to improve our education system. Her record as an experienced school board member and involvement in all aspects of the school/community relationship is outstanding, her dedication unquestioned.

She is a clear thinker, passionate about education, well aware of what is at stake and willing to make the hard choices.

She is clearly someone who can be trusted to dedicate her total effort in making the improvements in education we so desperately need.

Michael P. Challenger, Bothell

If Dawn McCravey purports to value transparency in government, there was little of it at Lockwood Elementary, where the PTA hosted a tightly scripted forum with state Senator Rosemary McAuliffe and her challenger, Dawn McCravey on one issue — education.

At the end, questions beyond education were allowed.

Few people know that Dawn is the VP and director of a family-owned oil company, Petrorey Inc. in San Antonio, Texas (her largest contributor to her 2011 school board election) and that her husband Lee O. McCravey is ... [ed. note: one source lists Lee McCravey as an owner, while another identifies him as an account manager] of Cabot Oil and Gas, (a fracking company that was levied a $4.6 million environmental penalty in Pennsylvania last year).

When asked how she felt about fracking in Washington with her close ties to the oil and gas industry, Dawn responded that “Petrorey was a very small company” and laughed at the implication that she might use her state senate position to the benefit of oil and gas companies.

My concern is that there are no debates or public forums scheduled and no real scrutiny on the part of the press to find out Dawn McCravey’s values and what agenda she would like to advance as an elected senator. As a state senator she has to represent all of the people of the First District.

We should know how she would legislate on women’s health, public safety, transportation and environmental protection. Dawn’s reluctance to speak openly to the questions asked of her is troubling.

Cathy Ferbrache-Garrand, Bothell


Rosemary McAuliffe has been a  supporter and advocate for positive outcomes and progress in the greater Northshore area for many years.

She is energetic and tireless.

Even before she was a Washington state senator or a member of the Northshore School Board she worked in this community in support of children, business and the arts.

Her efforts on behalf of children extended to all children and she especially was mindful of the needs of children with special needs.

If you look back 35 to 40 years, you will find her inprint on many good works in the schools that her family attended and some of her grandkids still attend.

She supported the development of the Northshore Performing Arts Center, both with her enthusiasm and her financial contribution.

Rosemary was a driving force in the placement and growth of Cascadia Community College and the Bothell branch of the University of Washington in this community.

Rosemary is deserving of our support so she can continue to promote positive change in the 1st District and the state of Washington.

Joanne Harkonen, a  52-year member of the Northshore community


My partner Rick Chatterton and I have been volunteering as phone bank callers with Washington United for Marriage over the past several months.

Our efforts have been aimed at educating undecided voters in eastern King County with facts about Referendum 74 and persuading them to vote to approve it.

The experience has been a highly rewarding and encouraging for both of us.

Thank you to all the people who were open to discussing their feelings on the issue and found that civic marriage should be available to all loving couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

Whether it was hearing our own personal story of being in a committed relationship for over fourteen years or other personal influences, we appreciate your willingness to listen and decision to support approving Referendum 74.

Rick and I were thrilled when the Washington State Legislature and Senate approved marriage equality earlier this year through bi-partisan support (including our own Republican senator, Andy Hill).

In a few short weeks Washington has an historic opportunity to become the first state to have a voter-approved law extending marriage equality to all committed and loving couples.

Rick and I look forward to celebrating with you — our neighbors, friends and family — when Referendum 74 is APPROVED.

Steven Franz and Rick Chatterton, Woodinville

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