Carnation American Legion will honor Korean War era veterans in an Oct. 28 ceremony

  • Written by Valley View Staff

The  American Legion Post in Carnation will be honoring all those that served our great nation during the Korean War era; roughly 1946 through the late fifties on Sunday, October 28th.

Many American service members continued to lose their lives serving in Korea long after this period and we would like to honor all those that served “in country” during any era.

Anyone with a military vehicle and would like to display it at the event is likewise welcome to come and participate.

Next spring the Post will have a similar celebration for those that served in the military between 1955 and 1975; the Vietnam Era.

Please come out, bring a friend, and help support this important event in our community.

The event will be: “Honoring our Korean War Era Veterans,” Sunday, October 28, from 2-4 p.m.

The veterans celebration will be hosted by American Legion Post 199, 31951 E Bird St, Carnation.

All are invited to a reception to honor the men and women that served our great nation and the cause of freedom during the Korean War.

People are encouraged to bring their family and friends, especially those younger folk who have not yet had the opportunity to learn about this important time in our country’s history; and to meet the people that such made a significant sacrifice and contribution in preserving our freedom.

• Various Korean War era firearms (unloaded) will be on display.

• Light snacks will be provided.

• Military vehicles will also be on display.

Please feel free to contact Marty Schencke, cell (425) 590-7905, if you have any questions or comments or would like to help.

Celebrations honoring veterans who served our nation during other eras/conflicts are planned for the future.

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