Omission Beer now available in Seattle

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. – Omission Beer, the first craft beer brand in the U.S. focused exclusively on brewing great-tasting beers with traditional beer ingredients – including malted barley – that are specially crafted to remove gluten, is now widely available in the Puget Sound. Retailers carrying Omission Lager and Omission Pale Ale can be found using the brewery’s beer finder, located at

Brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Ore., gluten levels in every batch of Omission beer are measured by the brewery and an independent lab using the R5 Competitive ELISA test. This test ensures that the beer measures well below the Codex gluten-free standard of 20ppm or less. To date, gluten levels in every batch of Omission beer have been undetectable at a threshold of less than 10ppm, the lowest detectable gluten level for fermented beverages tested using this method. Test results for every batch of Omission beer are available to consumers at:

“Omission Lager and Omission Pale Ale are two great-tasting craft beers, and we’re eager to share them with the Seattle community,” said Terry Michaelson, CEO. “Omission Beer exemplifies the creativity and innovation of craft brewing. As a diagnosed celiac of 12 years, I could not be more excited to share these beers with the gluten-free and beer communities, especially as we continue to hear enthusiastic and positive stories from fans who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy great-tasting craft beers.”

In response to consumer feedback, the brewery launched an online forum where fans can share stories about their experiences drinking Omission beer.  These experiences, dubbed “O” Moments, can be shared at

Omission Beer was released this spring by Craft Brew Alliance (CBA), but was initially only available in Oregon. Following the beer’s success in the state and requests received from across the country, the brewery initiated a phased national rollout.

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