Letters to the Editor - October 8, 2012

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I hope you read the article that Tom Quigley submitted in the Woodinville Weekly.

All his concerns about our precious area here in the Sammamish Valley and the changes some want to make, are all strong concerns of mine and for many others.

We still have to be vigilant, and hopefully future generations will be aware and will not let our efforts have been in vain.

I’m 94, having lived here since 1923, but am still an “activist” where this is still uppermost in my caring and love of this area.

Helen McMahon, Woodinville


There is more at stake in the contest between Dawn McCravey and Rosemary McAuliffe than who will be our state senator.

This election may well determine which party controls the state senate.  That could mean that Washington women could find their right to make decisions about their health care in jeopardy.

CBS Evening News reported on August 26 that since Republicans came to power in state governments in 2010, 32 states have adopted abortion restrictions.

In the first six months of 2012, 15 states passed 39 restrictions on abortion. Last year, CBS says that 24 states passed 92 restrictions, which they say was an all-time record.

If McCravey is elected and Republicans win control of both the houses of the legislature and the governorship, we could well see similar attacks on abortion rights in our own state.

Rosemary McAuliffe has a strong pro-choice voting record.

Considering the stakes, we have a right to know exactly where McCravey stands on the issue of choice before we vote.

Jeanne Alonge, Bothell

I read a letter in last week’s Woodinville Weekly and felt the need to respond.

It stated Dawn McCravey (running in LD #1 district for senator), is the VP and director of an oil company.  I looked into this and I found her family has a small consulting and oil business called Petrorey with their mother as president and she and her sister are listed as VPs.

It was her parents who contributed $250 toward her campaign (If your daughter was running for office, wouldn’t you contribute?).

Dawn grew up on a small farm in Texas, where they grew cotton and food in a conservative house — not everyone in Texas lives like the TV series, “Dallas.”

Second, the statement that Dawn’s husband is an owner of an oil company [Ed. Note: In last week’s letter from Cathy Ferbrache-Garrand I indicated my research was unclear as whether he was an owner or an account manager]  the truth is he is an account manager and, just as Target does, Cabot rewards excellent employees with stock options. So, the cashier working at Target is as much an owner of a large company as Dawn’s husband.

And questions raised on Dawn’s viewpoints besides education? Dawn’s expertise and focus is education and that is what the majority of our state budget is spent on. If we continue with the status quo, Microsoft and Boeing will continue to hire outside our state as Washington is unable to provide graduates needed for our local technical and aerospace companies.  If someone is trying to portray Dawn as a big wig oil tycoon, then goodness, let’s just say her opponent is not hurting financially.

Instead, I would like to hear how each candidate plans to improve on what our education system is lacking.

Other states have done wonders with education on smaller budgets, so it is feasible. And if you are wondering whether Dawn is the right candidate, I recommend attending a Northshore school board meeting and witness Dawn in action, as a school board director.

Gayle Hickey, Woodinville


Sen. McAuliffe and the 3 tax loopholes: sounds like a three bears story, but it isn’t; it’s worse than that. It’s real.

In March 2011, Senator McAuliffe and two Legislative District 1 representatives held a few town hall meetings with Representative Derek Sanford(D) and Representative Luis Moscoso (D).

Senator McAuliffe told the audience that the three big loopholes in state tax revenue were food, prescription drugs and manufacturing.

• Taxing food would most harm THE POOR.

• Taxing prescriptions would most harm THE ELDERLY AND INFIRM.

• Taxing businesses also hits the consumer, hurting EVERYONE.

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe wants to dig deeper into our wallets and purses. We don’t pay enough yet? When will it ever be enough?

Luis Moscoso talked about increasing traffic tolls.

The solution to Washington state’s budget problems is in reducing spending, not increasing taxes.

Senator McAuliffe is in my opinion working against us, not for us.

It’s time for new faces right here in Legislative District 1.

Enter Dawn McCravey, Rosemary’s challenger.

Dawn offers experience, reason and common sense and wants to solve state problems, not seek increased taxes for more studies that look like something’s being done, but go nowhere.

And yes, in my opinion, Derek Sanford and Luis Moscoso have also failed us.

Enter Sandy Guinn (R) and Mark Davies (R). They are challenging incumbents Derek Sanford and Luis Moscoso for Washington state representative, Positions 1 and 2.

Mark Davies was a write-in candidate! He made the November ballot because of a groundswell of write-in votes in the primary! That’s rare.

Many people knew this fine man and wanted a capable, reasonable alternative to Luis Moscoso. So do I. Mark Davies is that man.

Sandy Guinn brings experience and ability to the job, a resume fit for the position, plus the wisdom of years are in her favor compared to her opponent Derek Sanford.

If LD1 voters want to be heard in Olympia, these three excellent fresh candidates: Dawn McCravey, Sandy Guinn and Mark Davies want to go to work for you — for all of you.

Joel Kolbo, LD1, Snohomish


The Board of Directors of the Washington Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance are greatly concerned for the health, fitness and academic development of the students of the Northshore School District due to recent decisions at the junior high level to decrease the time for physical education or change it from a required course to an elective.

This is contrary to state law and will harm the physical and academic development of your students.

State law (WAC 392-410-135) is very clear on the requirements for physical education: “An average of at least 100 instructional minutes per week per year in physical education shall be required of all pupils in the common schools in the grade school program (grades 1-8).”

Physical education is included in a basic education because it enhances brain function and academic achievement.

Our state does not allow students to electively withdraw from math or language arts. Like physical education and fitness, these subjects are crucial to our students’ education and are required.

When you allow adolescents to forgo physical education, the following educational opportunities will be lost for those students:

• Increased fitness levels. Quality physical education includes pre- and post-fitness testing and goal setting for all students as well as developmentally appropriate programs that ensure students have a chance to reach their goals.

•Age appropriate instruction on fitness and health principles. Quality physical education includes well-designed lessons that facilitate student learning of health and fitness concepts.

•Physical skill development.  Research has shown that adults with few physical skills are less likely to be active as adults and more likely to be overweight. Quality physical education provides students with a wide range of physical skill development.

• Social skill development. Quality physical education provides structured opportunities to improve emerging social and cooperative skills.

To ensure the physical, mental and social development of all its students, we encourage the Northshore School District to continue to require a full basic education by continuing to require quality physical education to all junior high students.

Paul Clinton, President–Elect, Washington Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance


Funniest police beats!

I moved to Woodinville about a month ago, and those police briefs just crack me up. Keep ’em coming!

I’ll have to send these in to Jay Leno for his Headlines segment.

Thanks for the giggles.

Carol Tucker, Woodinville

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