Letters to the Editor - October 29, 2012

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I have been a resident of the Reintree community just off of Woodinville-Duvall Road and Avondale Road for over 21 years. Since the winter through the summer months and into fall, some seven significant potholes have developed in 194th Ave. NE, the main road into and out of Reintree.

This has been recurring for the past several years, King County makes temporary fixes and the same potholes return each year.

Last summer, two side streets , NE 181 Street and NE 185 Street were completely repaved, but the main road  — 194th Ave NE — still needs replacing badly. Three calls to  the King County Roads resulted in no action, telling me that these potholes, as well as repaving the entire 194th Ave. NE road are “UNFUNDED” for repair.  Drivers are swerving to miss the potholes and may well cause accidents with other cars, trucks and school busses approaching in the opposite direction.

There are also residents walking their children and pets that are at risk for harm.  Thankfully, Woodinville-Duvall Road was replaced recently.  With all the major road projects going on all around the region and the amount of property taxes we pay, it is difficult to understand why Reintree’s 194th Ave. is UNFUNDED for paving.

Curtis Hezeau, Woodinville

I would like to express my appreciation to Keith Johnson and all others who graciously voted to pass R-71. R-71 has provided me the legal status necessary to care for my wife and our child. Two months after the passage of R-71, my wife was laid off. If it were not for the passing of R-71, I would have been unable to provide medical benefits for her during the two years she was without work. As states and the federal government continue to address the civil inequalities between same and opposite sex couple unions, we find ourselves once more having to address the question of legal rights.  States and the federal government have moved to grant additional rights to same-sex couples and those benefits have been granted under civil marriage law – not civil domestic partnership law. Thus, Washington’s domestic partnership rights are not recognized in other states or at the federal level. With the approval of R-74 same-sex couples gain access to federal benefits like pensions for federal workers and reciprocal rights when visiting/moving to states that offer rights under civil marriages (not domestic partnerships).

To Keith’s other points, he is unfortunately misinformed.  You can check out the facts at

While a few lawsuits were filed in response to non-discrimination law, none of these were in a state offering marriage equality. To date no suits have been filed in states offering marriage equality.  Education is dictated in most jurisdictions by school boards, not civil marriage law.  Religious organizations are specifically protected from having to participate in any ceremony which is contrary to their beliefs.

I believe Keith when he says he was willing to grant civil rights to all couples. Approval of R-74 ensures that same-sex couples continue to access the rights afforded under state and federal law.  Keith, thanks in advance for your vote to approve R-74.

Cheri (and Kimberly) Briar, Woodinville

In the October 22 Letters to the Editor, the letter from Mr. Keith Johnson states that “Already in states where gay marriage is law, young children are being taught about gay marriage at a young age with no opt out or notification for parents.” What exactly are you imagining that the children are being taught, Mr. Johnson?

As a Sunday and pre-school teacher, I’ve often talked about “what makes a family?” Perhaps in Mr. Johnson’s world, there are only the “traditional” woman-mommy and man-daddy families. To discuss who one’s mommy and daddy happen to be is not to teach it but to acknowledge that it exists. To say it does NOT exist is to segregate, ignore and or lie to the children as well as yourself.

The next letter states “Why would one subject children to a myriad of social, financial, emotional and health challenges...” Is the pastor saying that just because a couple is of the same sex they will automatically become socially, financially and emotionally challenged, not to mention unhealthy?

And then“ the heterosexual bond so clearly outshines same sex parents, unless of course there is a hidden agenda promoted in the shadows.”

To say that heterosexuals “outshine” same sex couples was so sophomoric it made me laugh. I know plenty of traditional couples who should never be allowed to breed!

And as far as having a “hidden agenda...”, are you serious? They meet “in the shadows” to discuss and promote what? How to turn everyone GAY? What exactly are you afraid of?

Nobody talks others into or makes anybody else gay OR straight. To say/preach otherwise is unloving, unjust and unkind.

It is time to stop preaching fear and hate and read the U.S. Constitution. Separation of CHURCH and STATE. This is not a Bible issue. This issue, Rights to happiness is not going away simply because you want it to. Get over it.

Mary Landmann, Woodinville

While driving to the Woodinville Public Library on Thursday 10/25, after breakfast at the Woodinville Cafe, I noticed that every “No on 74” (marriage equality) sign between these two establishments had been slashed.  Whoever vandalized these signs, I am ashamed of you! There is no reason or excuse for this behaviour. If you have that much passion and energy for 74, contact the local yes-on-74 office and ask what you can do to help. And if you care, I am strongly pro-marriage-equality myself.

Jules Dickinson, Woodinville

Roger Goodman, recipient of Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) national award, lauded by Washington State Troopers Association for his success in passing tough new DUI laws that stiffen penalties and keep drunk drivers off the roads has been SWIFT-BOATED!

Roger’s opponent, Republican Joel Hussey, has robo-calls and cable TV ads about Roger’s accomplishments saying that the opposite of reality is true. Let’s keep this kind of sleazy politics out of our wonderful Eastside communities!

Send a message for clean elections and vote for Roger Goodman so he can continue his stalwart efforts to make our roads safer and government more efficient.

Laurelee Kovacs-Szabo, Woodinville

As a parent, a grandparent and a member of the teacher’s union, it goes without saying that education is important to me. That is why I have chosen to support Joel Hussey as state representative in the 45th District. His involvement in education as a board member and president of the board for the Bellevue Christian School, his time as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts and as president of the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association make him uniquely qualified to advocate for the needs of our children in Washington. Joel believes: “It is our paramount duty and moral obligation to educate our children and equip them for the future.”

Contrast that with his opponent, a member of the Legislature which has been ruled by the Washington Supreme Court as failing to adequately fund education and that defied the will of the taxpayers by not funding the approved class-size reduction initiative.

Of course lofty talk from either side about funding education is meaningless unless there is money in the pot to pay for it. Joel Hussey is a successful businessman and an entrepreneur. He knows how to meet deadlines, meet a payroll, balance a budget and develop a plan for the future. By contrast, his opponent has been part of a Legislature that guided our state’s economy into 45th place in the U.S. and failed to get business completed during the regular session, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Joel Hussey will make decisions that will improve the economy of our state, thereby improving the funding of school districts and the finances of our families, so that they can focus on what really matters – our children.

Ann Streit

Woodinville needs to have Suzan DelBene, Democrat, representing us in Congress.

I support Suzan because she will stand up for Woodinville’s community-based, middle-class values in a Congress torn by conflict.

As a woman and a retired professional, I need a representative who will protect Medicare and Social Security; support federal funding of school programs; and defend a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.

Let’s move forward with Suzan – not backwards with her “Tea Party” opponent.

Joan Yim, Woodinville

I am an education advocate and lifelong Democrat who can no longer support Rosemary McAuliffe. She has publicly stated that the education system was good enough for her kids, and it is good enough now. During her tenure in the state Senate as chair of the K-12 Education Committee, education funding has gone down (vs the national average) and the achievement gap has gone up. Today, only 3 out of 4 high school freshmen will graduate, and only 1 out of 5 will graduate college.  We can and must do better.

This past session, Senator McAuliffe refused to allow votes on several bills that had bipartisan support and enough votes to pass her committee. Ultimately, no bills were voted on in her committee.  NONE.

Both the Seattle Times and Everett Herald endorsed the challenger in this election.  From the Herald endorsement:

“Rosemary McAuliffe… was called out this past session for throttling reform legislation ... Her thinking and leadership style no longer align with a chairmanship that demands innovation (all the more imperative with the state Supreme Court's McCleary decision mandating full funding of K-12.)

“Her opponent, Republican Dawn McCravey, is a former special-ed teacher and a Northshore School Board member. McCravey looks at basic education through a fresh, school-board-tested lens, tying board and district goals with student achievement and advancing a more rigorous curriculum. Her willingness to explore education options that put students ahead of administration, as well as her grounding in small-business issues, make McCravey the more appealing choice."

I have observed Dawn McCravey in action as a school board member for several years. She is always willing to listen to her constituents, and does not merely follow the group, but leads; she is a free-thinker and always puts the best interest of kids first in her decision making. She believes every kid deserves a great teacher, and we need to give teachers the supports they need to succeed, including the freedom to use various methods to reach every child, because no one curriculum or method fits all children.

I urge you to join me in supporting Dawn McCravey for state Senate.

Nancy Chamberlain, Woodinville

In my opinion, 20-year incumbent McAuliffe, has blocked education reform and stands for the WEA — NOT our children. Under Rosemary the achievement gap has grown and is continuing to grow.  She has had her chance for many years and has failed us. Employers like Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix and Boeing see this and now support her opponent Dawn McCravey.

Tolli Lowell-Forker, Bothell, father of three kids in Northshore schools

To me, Rosemary McAuliffe epitomizes the word champion because she is a true champion for schools.

Rosemary McAuliffe has been an effective advocate in the state Senate, and before that as a Northshore School Board member because she listens to teachers, parents, administrators and education-reform experts. I have been in Olympia as a lobbyist on behalf of teachers and public education, and my voice was heard by Rosemary. We have all benefitted from the work Rosemary has done to improve the educational opportunities of the children in our community.

This year Washington’s and Vermont’s student-combined-average score on the SAT college admission test was the highest in the nation among states in which 45 percent or more of eligible students took the test. In individual tests, Washington’s average SAT score in reading came in third nationally, we were tied for second in writing, and we were first in the nation in math. Many thanks to Rosemary for ensuring that our schools are funded to make this happen. As chair of the state senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee, Rosemary McAuliffe has made a powerful impact on our schools. Let’s re-elect her and allow her to continue to work to raise standards for our students and our teachers.

I am a teacher in the Lake Washington School District, and I support Rosemary McAuliffe.

Claire Lazar, Bothell

We are desperate for change here in the 1st Legislative District. Having lived in Bothell for nearly 30 years, we have observed two decades of decline. Despite Rosemary’s tenured efforts to “you scratch my political back, I’ll scratch yours,” she has failed to deliver improved education and quality of life for most of us, the taxpayers and their dependents. Dawn McCravey has shouldered the task to change the slumping direction we have been going within education. She understands the feet on the ground, which live life in its trenches. The hard work of people who live here should not be futile efforts – throwing their dollars after poor decisions made by their legislators.

Dawn sees the disappointment most of us have expressed through the years in the state government’s decisions to continuously spend money on endless redundant studies, force students to be held accountable to high stakes testing while adults in the system are protected from accountability, narrow the definition and scope of education to what can be “tested,” and continuously decrease funding as a percentage of the state budget.

I’ve gotten to know Dawn. She is pleasant, knowledgeable, and devoted to bringing out something better for our kids. She has the ability to identify what is salient to a problem and rally people to its solution. I get that life is busy and is fuller than full, so we rely on sound bites that we can grab to make busy decisions. People, from all walks of life who meet Dawn, love her and are optimistic for our community again.

She not only understands politics but also statesmanship. She has proven herself in desperately needed education improvements, protection of environmental gems, and community heart and togetherness. I am voting for Dawn McCravey, state Senate; in hopes that her experience, tenacity and wisdom can make the difference we desperately need for our children and the place they call “home.”

Jeanne Zornes, via email

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