Tolt Middle School PTSA After-School Enrichment Program – another year of remarkable class offerings

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

The After-School Enrichment Program at Tolt Middle School began four years ago under the direction of PTSA volunteer, Wendy Bradley.

Wendy did an incredible job of laying the ground work for this impressive and dynamic program, as it is still a very successful and popular choice for many Tolt students.  Last year alone, over 100 students participated in the program.

Current PTSA Enrichment Program Chairperson Pamela Parks explains the program in this way, “The basic philosophy of our program is that the PTSA strives to bring fun, exciting, important and enriching educational activities to Tolt students.  The idea is to offer classes which are difficult to find elsewhere, and then make them convenient and easily accessible for our students.  Holding the classes at school and beginning them just minutes after six period, allows students to participate and enables them to take advantage of the school’s Activity Bus schedule. We offer all classes to Riverview PARADE students as well.”

Costs of these types of programs can sometimes be prohibitive, however the PTSA is extremely resourceful and reaches out to local residents/parents whose skills are exactly what is needed to bring these exciting offerings to students.

Skills of parents such as Laura Henion, who teaches an immensely engaging class on the subject of graphic arts and design. Laura shares with her students the importance of visual marketing as they design candy wrappers which will catch their customers’ attention.

Parent Jae Holt teaches creative writing where students are given the opportunity to advance their technical writing skills.

One of the most popular enrichment classes is the “Super Safe Sitters.” In this setting students receive training in babysitting techniques, procedures and simple first aid. At the completion of this course students receive a certification, then in the spring the PTSA offers a “Stay Safe CPR” class, which gives certification in more advanced first aid techniques.

In closing Pamela adds, “We are always looking for new and exciting classes to offer our students, and we are so pleased to have teachers/parents willing to share their passion and their skills with our students at Tolt.”

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