Warning for car buyers: flood-damaged vehicles for sale soon

  • Written by American Automobile Assn.

Private vehicle owners, auto dealers and car auction managers now face the dilemma of salvaging or restoring flood-damaged vehicles after Hurricane Sandy.

AAA warns car buyers that flood-damaged vehicles can be shipped anywhere for resale and may show up for sale as early as one week after a devastating storm throughout the U.S.

These vehicles can continue to appear in the marketplace for up to a year after a major flood.

Due to the short time period between the water damage and being sold, often these vehicles are not identified as flood-damaged in national databases.

Used-car buyers should be aware that vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy may be put up for sale in the near future.

AAA recommends that used-car buyers always have a potential used-car purchase inspected by a qualified automotive technician and check its title history to help determine whether it sustained flood damage among other problems.

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