All Fools’ Day Parade shifting to summer

  • Written by Don Mann
Rainy Parade
File Photo Last year’s All Fools’ Day parade feaured rain, wind and cold temperatures.
Forget the umbrella, never mind the raincoat and keep the gloves and rubber boots in the back of the closet.

From here on out, you might want to break out the tank top and sunscreen because Woodinville’s All Fools’ Day Parade, after 34 years of seasonal ills and chills, is bucking tradition and moving its annual event from March to August — this year August 10 — by popular demand.

The more weather-friendly date will be part of an expanded “Celebrate Woodinville” lineup of events which will include a concert series and community festival in Wilmot Park, Woodinville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dave Witt said.

“This is not a new idea, “ Witt, the three-year Chamber director said. “People have been talking about this for some time, and it was really cold and nasty last year.”

Before reaching the decision, he said, he consulted with Woodinville Weekly publisher Julie Boselly, daughter of Carol Edwards, the founder of the local newspaper who originated the event in 1978.

“She gave us her blessing,” Witt said, “saying her mother would just really want Woodinville residents to have a good time.”

Witt said he believed residents would have a better time in sunshine, rather than rain and cold temperatures.

“We considered this with a lot of care and thought,” he said. “We respect tradition a great deal — we talked about this with our board —  and came to the conclusion that this is what most people want.”

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