911 calls lead to shooting

  • Written by King County Sheriff’s Office
FALL CITY — A King County Sheriff’s deputy shot a man last week after the man took the deputy’s taser away from him during an altercation.

The incident started just before 7 a.m. when the deputy responded to 911 calls from a mobile home park in the 4300 block of Preston Fall City Road NE.

The callers said that a man was in the park yelling that he was going to “blow something up and burn down houses.”

When the deputy arrived, he contacted the suspect in the park.

The suspect did not follow verbal commands and the deputy attempted to taze him.

The suspect was able to get the taser away from the deputy and charged toward the deputy as he attempted to retreat.

The deputy fired at least one shot, striking the suspect.

The suspect was transported to Harborview where he later died. The deputy is a veteran of with more than 20 years on the force.

The deputy will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation which is routine in deputy involved shootings.

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