Fire board votes to remove the billboard between fire station and post office

  • Written by David Weed, WF&R

Photo courtesy of WF&R Board of Fire Commissioners recently voted to terminate Clear Channel’s lease for the billboard.
After standing for 20 years on what is now Fire Station 31 property next to the Woodinville post office, the billboard will be removed. At the January 7 Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, the decision was made to terminate the lease with Clear Channel, owners of the billboard. Under the terms of the lease, it is up to Clear Channel to remove the billboard at no cost to the Fire District. At the December 17 Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, Woodinville resident Terry Jarvis spoke in support of removing the billboard. Jarvis felt the Fire District could be a “positive example that Woodinville Fire is leading the way to remove unsightly billboards in the city.” According to Jarvis, there are eight billboards in the City of Woodinville and their removal is supported by City of Woodinville Planning Commission. The vote to terminate the lease passed easily. Commissioner Tim Osgood was pleased with the decision to remove the billboard as he felt it was “more of an eyesore than anything else.”

After the vote was made, Jarvis thanked the Board and stated he felt it was a “positive action for the community”. An exact date for the removal of the billboard structure has not been determined.

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