Police Beat - January 14, 2013

  • Written by Compiled from City of Woodinville Police Reports


Three incidents with varying degrees of mystery took place recently.

There was no confusion regarding a wayward employee reported to police who had used a work-related charge card to furnish himself with unauthorized victuals and petroleum for his personal vehicle.

At the other end of the spectrum was a man who reported that mail addressed to three of his neighbors was strewn about his front yard for no apparent reason.

And in the middle was a woman who reported tampering with her bank account by unknown parties. Police did their best to shine a light on these odd happenings, but some conundrums aren’t meant to be solved.


A rash of residential burglaries got the year started on a creepy foot for several Woodinville residents.

One man returned home to learn that an iPad and handguns were taken in his absence, while a youth in another home appeared to have interrupted the thieves in their work; investigating officers ascertained that jewelry, various electronic games, and a guitar had been stolen. (The guitar, however, was unceremoniously dumped in the backyard.)

The French doors of a third residence were shattered by avaricious suspects, who took jewelry and various electronic devices

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