Letters to the Editor - January 21, 2013

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There has to be some irony in the Jan. 14 edition of the Woodinville Weekly.

The front page articles about Bothell and Woodinville are in direct contrast to one another. The promising news for Bothell and its sheer optimism is so opposite of the Woodinville City Council that it is somewhat of a dismay and embarrassment to me as a Woodinville city resident of 24 years.

Bothell’s revitalization with a high outlook of many jobs, the McMenamins brew-pub-hotel in addition to fixing up the pool and allowing Bothell residents to use it free as well as the positive financial outlook of that city speaks in high regards for the plan they have implemented.

In contrast, Woodinville meets for the new year and has to settle housekeeping items and feels the need to spend money on a retreat to get the work done they have been unable to accomplish or agree upon at regular city council meetings.

Certainly, I commend anyone being on a city council and understand that there are countless hours involved to work as a team, however reading that two cities right next to one another could have such a different outlooks for their future, is unsettling to me.

I encourage our Woodinville City Council to look at the big picture.

Look to see how Bothell is accomplishing its goals, and I want to mention that in my opinion, a retreat is not going to resolve the issues of Woodinville, I think the best idea is to sit down together at city hall and work until our city’s outlook is looking forward and  not just cleaning up the past issues that could not be agreed upon.

Wendy Wands, Woodinville


My husband and I recently moved from out of state to Washington. We love everything except the rudeness of people honking at you. This was supposed to be a nice place to drive, unlike L.A.

Horns are supposed to be for emergencies not impatience. I have been honked at so many times and hurried to move just to find myself blocking the roadway. It is rude. Please stop honking out of impatience. thank you.

Lisa Debaets, Woodinville


The Boy Scouts of the North Lakes District wish to extend a huge thank you to the citizens of our community. Each year we offer Christmas tree pick-up and recycling and in turn, we receive donations which help to fund our program and pay for summer camp.

The response has been, as in years past, wonderful.  We appreciate so much your support and would like to especially thank our local Minuteman Press in Woodinville and All-Wood Recycling in Redmond for their continued help.

Erik Neilson, Committee Chair, Troop 585, Woodinville


I wish I knew people as compassionate as Nora, a teen-aged girl who wrote last week about butchering horses.  To visualize in your mind the screaming that animals do in the slaughterhouses, you would know why the job of the slaughterer must be the most numbing occupation.

In the book “Beyond Beef” now somewhat outdated, Rifkin describes the inside of slaughterhouses, which most people know nothing about.

Nora also gives many good suggestions and contacts for concerned people.

One unpleasant fact, however, is that Europeans are ever increasing the demand for horsemeat. It started in Belgium but is growing to other countries. And it may grow to this country. I saw an ad recently for horsemeat saying, “Would you eat this?”

I think Nora would make a good leader for this country and I salute her for laying out the facts.

Nancy Snyder, Woodinville

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