Kenmore City Council asks state for mitigation resources to address tolling impact

  • Written by City of Kenmore

The Kenmore City Council unanimously passed Resolution No 13-212 requesting mitigation resources from the state of Washington to address impact from regional tolling at a meeting on January 28.

There are four east-west corridors connecting the communities that surround Lake Washington – SR 522, SR 520, I-90 and I-405.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has applied tolling to SR 520, and as a result the City of Kenmore has experienced increased volumes of traffic on SR 522, Sammamish River bridge and local streets.

The City has received no mitigation funding as a result of SR 520 tolling impact.

The City believes increased traffic resulting from SR 520 tolling has negatively impacted the city with noise pollution, air pollution, increased traffic volumes, increased parking in neighborhoods as a result of increased transit ridership and increased congestion on north/south and east/west corridors within the city.

The state Legislature directed the Washington State Department of Transportation to conduct an environmental assessment of the potential effects of tolling I-90 as a way to generate revenue for the State Route 520 bridge replacement. The City believes that tolling of I-90 will result in additional traffic on SR 522 and Kenmore’s local streets which will negatively impact traffic flow, public safety and the quality of life for Kenmore residents.

The City is concerned that cumulative impacts of Washington State Department of Transportation activity, including tolling on other Lake Washington east/west corridors will not be evaluated for Kenmore specifically.

The City is requesting that  Washington State Department of Transportation review the impacts specific to the city of Kenmore that would result from the cumulative impacts of regional tolling: traffic impacts (city-wide, not just east/west along SR 522), air pollution, noise pollution, transit impacts, parking impacts, etc.

In addition, the City expects mitigation resources from the state of Washington to address impacts from regional tolling. Mitigation measures are likely to include transportation capacity improvements as well as repairs, replacements and retrofitting of affected transportation structures and systems.

Residents are encouraged to submit comments to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

To submit comments online or for more information on the tolling of I-90, visit

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