Police Beat - February 25, 2013

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Reports


A woman reported that her vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot across from her workplace.

The vehicle was found later in another nearby parking lot, all indications being that the woman had erred in recollecting its location.

By contrast, an area business reported the theft of an older pickup it used for deliveries after realizing no one had seen it for two weeks.


Officers responded to a shoplifting incident involving a suspect who had concealed three packages of steaks in his jacket and left the retail facility without paying for them.

Witnesses observed him flee the scene.

The car into which he escaped was stopped by the officers, who arrested the man for outstanding warrants. The whereabouts of the steaks remain a mystery.


A Woodinville park was left in a state of disorder, covered in toilet paper, silly string and garbage. It is unknown whether this mess was created by a rogue band of toddlers or other disaffected youth, but the chaotic toilet paper distribution may be a sign of feline ne’er-do-wells at work.

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