Redhook to expand with remodel

  • Written by Deborah Stone
Forecasters Pub - Front Door 1
Courtesy Photo. The front entrance to Forecaster’s Pub
Redhook’s popularity is no surprise to those who frequent the place.

The Woodinville brewery and Forecaster’s Pub are magnets for tourists and locals alike, who come for the great beer, the food and the convivial ambiance, as well as for an opportunity to tour the brewery.

There are times, though, when seating is at a premium and the wait to get a table can be considerably lengthy.

Soon, this situation will hopefully be a thing of the past.

A remodel is in progress to increase seating capacity from the current 350 seats to 470.

“We chose to do the remodel now because it’s the slowest time out of the year and we’re able to close down 100 percent and get the remodel done at a much faster pace than if we closed half of it and did the remodels piecemeal,” explains Adam Riehl, general manager of Forecaster’s Pub.

He notes that the impetus to expand directly correlates to the great increase in volume of customers over the years, adding, “The kitchen couldn’t keep up with the demand of business that was coming in. We wanted to make sure the community is taken care of because they take care of us by being loyal to Redhook’s beer.”

Additional work on the property includes a change in the bar’s location within the pub.

A fryer will be added, along with smoked foods to the menu and the pub will be getting a liquor license.

“Our menu has continued to expand,” says Riehl. “When we first opened, you could get a pretzel and a slice of pizza. Now we have a three-page menu.”

Live music will be a definite possibility when the place reopens, and the plan is to host the Battle of the Bands during Redhook’s Moonlight Cinema series this year.

At present, a temporary pub is open on the second floor of the building in the Weatherman’s Room with a limited menu, though there is an ample selection of beers, wine and non-alcoholic beverages, along with retail items and beer to go.

Regular public tours are continuing and evening private events/banquets will resume in April in the Tour Gallery.

Both banquet rooms will be available in May and bookings for The Bowl, the outdoor event space, will start in June.

Renovations, which began March 4, are expected to be completed toward the end of May.

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