Police Beat - March 25, 2013

  • Written by Woodinville Police Reports


An offensive personality took it upon himself to yell vile and repugnant remarks at a nearby couple, with particular emphasis on uncharitable critiques directed at the female half of the couple, all while idling in the drive-through of a fine dining establishment.

The male member of this couple was not amenable to nonviolent conflict resolution and sought to defend his lady’s honor with fisticuffs, emphasizing his disagreement with the offensive personality’s criticism with a punch to the face.

This means of righting wrongs is no longer acceptable in our contemporary era, however, and the man received an assault citation as a parting gift.


There is no right time for littering, including at 2:00 in the morning at a Woodinville park.

It was at this hour that a man was observed throwing the refuse from his fast-food meal out his car window, perhaps thinking that a maternal figure traveling in his wake would pick it up for him.

Not so. Instead he met with the disapproval of the Woodinville police.

An officer made clear to the man that litterbugs are not welcome in our town, also reminding him of park hours.

After the stern talking to, the man was given an infraction for his thoughtlessness.

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