WHS alumni present homecoming concert

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

On Friday, April 12, Douglas County Daughters will play a homecoming concert at SoulFood Books in Redmond. The event brings together four Woodinville High School music department alumni who join artistic forces in an evening of entertainment that promises to keep on giving.

Douglas County Daughters are sisters Emily (Mannon) Afanador and Mollie (Mannon) Ziegler who will perform their Americana repertoire at Clint McCune’s SoulFood Books as a fundraiser for “Going Home,” their pending album with cover art featuring the photography of Christine (Deaton) Moody (WHS class of 1991).

Born into a musical family in Douglas County Nebraska, Ziegler (WHS class of 1988) and Afanador (WHS class of 1991) began singing together in childhood and continued their musical education in Woodinville where their family relocated in 1986. The sisters have collectively recorded over a dozen albums in solo and collaborative projects, but “Going Home” will be their first time in the studio as a duet.

“We’ve been playing music for a long time, and we decided it was time for a recording that sounds more professional than anything we’ve ever done,” says Afanador.  “We want to show off the best that Douglas County Daughters can be.”

With lofty goals come high prices, and so the sisters are using the  online crowdfunding source, “Kickstarter,” to raise the money they need.  Kickstarter is a website ( that allows arts supporters to pledge money to a particular project using the payment system. If the project does not meet its intended funding goal, the pledges are returned to the donors, so every dollar counts.

“That’s very motivating,” says Ziegler. “Even if we receive 90 percent of our goal, we could come away with nothing. So we’re pulling out all the stops to increase our chances of success.”

Seeking a venue with charisma to launch their big dream, the sisters chose SoulFood Books in Redmond, owned and operated by their Woodinville High School classmate Clint McCune (class of 1991).

Afanador and McCune played together in the WHS symphonic, jazz and marching bands and recall formative memories of competitive music festivals.

Their musical bond continued well after high school, when Afanador and McCune performed in rock bands together.

“Clint has been supporting my musical career since I was 14,” says Afanador.

Clint’s late father, Don McCune, was the Northwest singing television personality, “Captain Puget,” so Clint is familiar with life in a musical family.

“In a house as loud as ours,” says McCune, “our parents put instruments in our hands and hoped we’d make music.”

McCune plays guitar and sings his original songs all over the world.  His 2011 tour in Nepal was successfully funded through Kickstarter, so he was enthusiastic about helping Douglas County Daughters by hosting the fundraising concert.

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