Police Beat - April 8, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police


A few Woodinville businesses were struck with a rash of graffiti in recent days. Haberdashery appears to have been a pervasive theme: an octopus in a top hat and a smiley face with a conical cap. Power dynamics were also a focus, with one artist/philosopher exhibiting both a disdain for conventional authority (“Don’t Trust the Police”) and an appreciation for hierarchical structure (“Trust the Captain”). At another site, allegiance to a “Captain” and “Chief” were expressed in a variety of fun-filled colors. Only a churl would call it vandalism.


Officers were dispatched to a fast food eatery where an accident was reported in a drive-through.

The cause of the accident-on-purpose was a woman impatient with being in line. She struck the car ahead of her, after flashing her lights and honking her horn to signal urgency. The woman told police the bump was but an accident, yet alcohol consumption evidently had a role, which she strenuously denied.

After receiving the results of a formal breath test, the woman began to cry and exclaimed, “This is so embarrassing.”

So true. It is embarrassing to be caught driving your car when you should have called a cab.

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