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Drawing courtesy of Woodin Creek Village An artist’s rendering of the proposed Woodin Creek Village in downtown Woodinville.
Owners and residents of Canterbury Square in Woodinville who spoke at the April 9 city council public hearing were unanimous in their support of the Woodin Creek Development Agreement (WCDA) which would allow the redevelopment of the mobile home park’s 20.5 acres and urged the council to approve Ordinance 434.

Most who spoke at the public hearing cited personal financial hardship because of the failure of previous proposed developments.

According to a city-issued public notice regarding the ordinance: “The proposal includes redevelopment of an existing mobile home park into a mixed-use residential/retail community within the Central Business District zone. This phased project conceptually includes 800 multi-family residential dwelling units and 60,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, as well as street improvements, drainage improvements, stream buffer enhancement and stream mitigation.

“The project is located generally in the vicinity of 135th Avenue NE and NE 171st Street; it is generally bounded by 133rd Avenue NE on the west, NE 173rd Street on the north, the adopted 138th Avenue NE alignment on the east, and NE 171st Street on the south.”

Courtesy photo An aerial photo of downtown Woodinville shows the location of the proposed village.
Erin Martindale. senior planner in Woodinville’s Development Services Department, and Tom Hansen, Public Works Department director, presented information on the redevelopment to the council.

Douglas Reiss of Woodin Creek Village presented the applicant’s conceptualization of the project to the council.

According to Reiss, the project (five phases) would:

Public Infrastructure – Grid Roads

• Complete the east side of 133rd Avenue NE

• Construct or dedicate ROW [right of way] for completionof NE 173rd Street between 133rd and 135th Avenue NE

• Construct 135th Avenue NE from NE 173rd Street to NE 171st Street

• Construct or dedicate ROW for 138th Avenue NE improvements

• Construct or dedicate ROW for NE 173rd Street improvements

• Contribute our fair share of intersection improvements at NE 171st Street/133rdAvenue NE and NE 171st Street/138th Avenue NE

• Resolve the 133rd Avenue NE ROW existing encroachment

• Provide downtown pedestrian amenities, such as trash cans, bike racks, lighting, landscaping, etc.,  Woodin Creek enhancement / trail

• Restore and enhance 50-foot buffer, 1/3 of buffer area is within NE 171st Street ROW

• Provide three (3) acres of public

open space

Public Benefits of

Woodin Creek Village

• Reduce or eliminate current flooding at the intersection of NE 171st Street and 133rd Avenue NE

• Complete Parks CIP No. 5, Woodin Creek Trail

• Pedestrian bridge spanning Woodin Creek for public use

• Fish and wildlife habitat enhancement

• Lower water temperature in Woodin Creek by landscaping along NE 171st Street

• Improve public vistas by landscaping northern edge of NE 171st Street

Downtown and Little Bear Creek CorridorMaster Plan

• Catalyst project to implement the downtown plan

• 135th Avenue NE – a signature downtown retail street

• Creates a walkable downtown community,18 hour/day pedestrian activity

•Assists the City in meeting GMA requirements

• Creates an Identifiable, Memorable andAuthentic place for Woodinville

Fiscal Benefits:

• Substantial increase in tax revenues for the City

• Increased commercial base and 133 new retail and office jobs created

• Payment of over $2.1 million in Park Impact Fees, enough to fund 6 out of the 8 current 2013-2018 capital park projects

• $200,000,000 investment by WCVA inWoodinville’s future

• Payment of over $1.2 million in permit fees to the City

• Property taxes - $741,000

• Real estate excise tax - $110,000

• Construction sales tax - $4,100,000

Questions from the council centered on the grid road system and the storm water drain system in the redeveloped area.

The Woodinville City Council will continue their public hearing to receive testimony regarding the Woodin Creek Development Agreement at their April 16 meeting.

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