Police Beat - May 6, 2013

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Reports


Police happened upon an abandoned vehicle that had the hallmarks of recent accident damage.

The owner of the car left a license plate behind, however, and on the day following his car’s discovery called police to report that the car had been stolen.

Skeptics that they are, the police found fault with the man’s story, thus leading him to revise his narrative and admit that the car had, indeed, been in an accident.


After her car was hit by another driver, a woman called police when the man who made impact tried to evade responsibility by leaving the scene.

Wisely or unwisely the woman and her family tried to block the wrongdoer’s car, leading to her father’s foot being run over.

They provided the miscreant’s license plate number to police, who were able to locate the man at his home. But he wasn’t home for long: police hauled him into jail for both the hit-and-run as well as negligent driving.

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