Police Beat - May 20, 2013

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Reports


A Woodinville man’s house was ransacked by unknown parties who had gained entry through a sliding glass patio door.

In the course of their spree, the perps made off with the usual valuables — a flat panel television, jewelry and a game system — as well as alcohol and cash. More curiously, however, was their theft of the homeowner’s stock of toilet paper, the street value of which is unknown to this scrivener.


As a local man moved items into his new domicile, he found an intruder who had pilfered the resident’s belongings and helped himself to a wee bit of food and drink.

Perhaps finding the comestibles subpar, or realizing that he was busted, the intruder disappeared on a motorcycle. The resident had seen enough to aid police in their search for the intruder, who was located, identified and booked into jail on burglary charges


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