CONSUMER ALERT: Fake calls from courts demand money

  • Written by Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington

Scammers are calling Washington residents claiming to represent various Washington courts and demanding residents wire money by 10 a.m., or face arrest.

People who receive these calls assume the calls must be about outstanding fines or warrants they are unaware of.

It’s only when they follow up with the court they discover there is no violation and confirm they been scammed.The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) believes the scammer is spoofing court phone numbers, so it looks like a court is calling. Keep these facts in mind if you receive a call:

• Courts never call people to collect debts;

• Non-payment of debt is not a crime; and

• Most courts accept cash or credit cards and don’t encourage wiring money as an option.

The Attorney General’s Office encourages consumers to be skeptical of any call demanding money.

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