Post-scrimmage thoughts from 3 key Falcon players

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

Alec KPhoto by Derek Johnson. Senior H-back/safety Alek Kacmarcik (#15) can’t wait to play the season opener in Alaska Upon a sun-splashed field, the Woodinville Falcons held their spring scrimmage at Woodinville High School on June 18th. As they did so, a large speaker blared songs from Bon Jovi and Will Smith while a small crowd inhabiting the grandstands watched the proceedings.

When it was over, head coach Wayne Maxwell addressed the team, and then three key players came over to this reporter to give their quick thoughts. With the season opener just a couple months away against Palmer of Alaska, there’s much anticipation as to Woodinville’s potential.

#6 Will Jack - quarterback, Sr.

On his overall thoughts on the scrimmage: "In terms of first time coming out, full contact, both the offense and defense were flying around making good plays. We scored four times. We have a couple things to work on, but I’m very excited for the upcoming season."

On what he learned from last year’s starting quarterback Caleb Hamilton, who just graduated: "I think Caleb as a quarterback was very smart. He knew all aspects of the field, knew the routes and coverages. He was very athletic, he knew how to run. I’m trying to fill his shoes as a running QB and throwing too, and trying to be the best I can be."

Biggest area of improvement: "Over the summer, I just need to get into the weight room, gain a couple of pounds, and get a lot bigger so I can take some hits. I also need to work on my arm."

#60 Andre Dillard - left tackle, Sr.

On the player he most admired and emulated: "I looked up to Devon Dietrich, who was a player here when I was a sophomore. He left two years ago and is now at the University of Montana. I always looked up to him and wanted to be like him. The way he did his pass protection. He always kept his post foot strong and was like a solid wall that nobody could penetrate. He took me under his wing. He would talk to me one-on-one. I would ask him stuff, like how do you do this and that. And he would tell me. He really helped me out."

On the best part of his game and biggest area for improvement: "I would say the strong part of my game is my footwork. The coaches have told me that. The big part I really need to work on is keeping my feet wide instead of narrow. And getting bigger — I’m trying to gain 10 pounds before next season."

#15 Alek Kacmarcik, H-Back, safety, Sr.

On the best part of his game and biggest area for improvement: "My physicality. When I came in as a sophomore, there were a couple players on defense like Cody Bauman who were big tough guys that liked to get into it. So I try to be physical, and it’s one of my strong points. In terms of the off-season, I am always trying to improve my speed and strength as well as my footwork."

On his thoughts about playing the season opener in Alaska, September 6th: "You always think it would be so fun to go to Texas or even Idaho or Montana. This opportunity to go to Alaska is pretty cool. It’s not a place many people go. It will be a real tough challenge playing a real good team up there. But I think we’ll be ready for it."

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