Offensive line paves way for Woodinville’s running attack

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

Andre Dillard“He is a special, special offensive lineman,” assistant coach Mike Monan said of left tackle Andre Dillard. Photo by Derek Johnson.As players dispersed and left the field, offensive line coach Mike Monan grinned with unabashed glee.

Woodinville’s June 18th scrimmage had just concluded and the affable assistant loved what he saw.  

"These kids are picking up the pace," he said. "We’ve got a new offense that we’re putting in. Today was a day when we quit thinking and we put our pad level down and we started getting after it. It was a good practice today."

The upcoming football season brims with reasons for optimism.

But if the Woodinville Falcons are to fulfill their potential, it will start up front with the offensive line. And when it comes to the O-line, all discussion begins with the 6’6" senior left tackle, Andre Dillard.

"He is a special, special offensive lineman," Monan said. "I’ve been lucky enough to work with him since he was a sophomore. He has the best feet I’ve ever seen in a high school player. He’s a knee bender. His attitude is right where we want it. He’s going to start cleaning people up once we start putting a different colored helmet in front of him. He’s awesome."

Monan was asked to go into further detail.

"The key with Andre is just getting him to relax himself and play the way he knows how to play," he said. "He’s a little bit of a thinker, and once he stops (over-thinking), and stops worrying about being perfect, he’s going to dominate. 

"As an offensive linemen you have to be smart," Monan explained. "You only have five seconds from the time the play is called in the huddle to the time you run through all the different schemes and all the things that can happen (before the ball is snapped).   

"Right now in (mental) processing, Andre is on about a 5.2 seconds process in a 5 second world. Once he gets it down to where it’s a 4.5 seconds world, he’ll line up and say (to the guy across from him) ‘I’m kicking your butt today!’ It will just take some time for him to get there."

Monan also mentioned two other players on the line.

"Alec Ege has done a really good job stepping up his senior year," he said. "We’ve got Dana Bush playing right tackle. I have two 6’6 bookend tackles and scrappy little guards and they’re going to come after it. I’m happy for this year."

The point of good blocking, of course, is to pave the way for ball carriers.  And Woodinville has a couple of intriguing backs complementing each other well.

"We’ve got Alek Kacmarcik, and he’s a big kid at 6’2" and somewhere around 220 pounds," Monan said. "He stands out because he’s an intimidating force. We want to move him around and hide Wyatt Smith, who’s a little scat back.

"Now instead of being one-back like we were last year, with a single back offset, this year we will put two (backs)  in the backfield, go a little pistol (formation), and then you’re going to have to find Kacmarcik because he’s a kid you’re going to have to keep aware of. And when you oversize on Kacmarcik, here goes little Wyatt out this way. And when you over key on Wyatt, then Kacmarcik is right there. It’s a great one-two punch to have.

"We’re going to have some fun this year," he said.

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