A ‘Grand’ Fourth in Carnation

  • Written by Valley View Staff

There is a lot more to Carnation Tree Farm than trees.

Roger2Roger Thorson, owner of Carnation Tree Farm, was chosen as this year’s grand marshal of the Great Carnation Fourth of July Celebration. See back page and for more photos. Lisa Allen/Staff photoThe historic farm, located at the southern end of town, is also a community garden, a concert venue and a place of pure delight to visit.
It is Roger Thorson’s life’s work (most of it at least). After purchasing the farm 36 years ago, mainly to keep it in the family, he had his work cut out for him. The 1910 barn, built by his great-grandfather, Andrew Hjertoos, and the homes on the property were in sad shape. The once-grand dairy farm was pretty much in shambles.

Fast forward to today, after many, many years of work. The magnificent barn, and the 1907 house, both restored to near original condition, thanks to Roger, have been designated King County, state and national historic landmarks.

In addition to being responsible for the farm being what it is today, Roger’s work with the community and his ongoing efforts to promote sustainability have made him a local legend.

This year, appropriately, he was named grand marshal of the Carnation Fourth of July Parade. At the start of the parade, he was asked if he was ever going to retire. “No,”  he answered. “There is always something to do on a farm and I am just going to keep at it.”

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