Skateboard Challenge coming Aug. 3

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Skateboarders from throughout the region will descend upon Woodinville on August 3 to compete in the Rotary-YMCA Skateboard Challenge – an event designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rotary Community Park.

This will be the 10th year that the high energy skateboard competition has been featured at the skate park located next to the Woodinville High School campus.

Challenge Director Pam Miller said the competition will feature three age divisions, a girls’ division, as well as a sponsored division for  advanced riders. Registration will open at 10 a.m. A host of prizes will be awarded to the best and unique entrant’s performance, as well as cash prizes in the “Rotary Best Trick” contests.

“We are thrilled that Woodinville Rotary and the Northshore YMCA are teaming up to make this year’s event really special,” Miller said. “The kids have been asking all summer about the Woodinville competition.”

Miller has been the organizer of the Woodinville event the past nine years and conducts similar competitions at many community facilities throughout the region.

In past years, the competition has been sponsored by the Northshore YMCA and the City of Woodinville Recreation Department, drawing top level boarders who follow the region’s skateboarding circuit, as well as the best boarders who call Rotary Community Park their home venue. Cuts in the city’s budgets ended financial support for the competition.

“We were impressed that Woodinville’s teenagers were brought into the original planning phase of Rotary Community Park and that they championed the idea of a skateboard facility,” said Woodinville Rotary President Eric Greenwood when explaining the club’s stepping up to co-sponsor the 2013 competition. “And we were fortunate to have a veteran organizer like Pam available to work again with the YMCA to keep the event uninterrupted.”

Many of the teenagers who envisioned the skateboard facility as part of the park are still active skateboarders and are expected to compete in the Rotary-YMCA Challenge, director Miller noted. Woodinville Rotary donated $90,000 to the park development as evidence of community support necessary for securing state and federal grants.

More details: or by calling Miller at (206) 226-4074.

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