Police Beat - July 15, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police Reports

A local skateboarder was confronted by two suspects unknown to him who demanded that he part with his ride.
The threat of fisticuffs led the victim to err on the side of acquiescence.
Although he reported the theft, the victim had few identifying details about the toughs who absconded with the skateboard.
As faulty as eyewitness evidence can be, a little can go a long way in apprehension.
By contrast, a security camera captured a hit-and-run in which the suspect hit another vehicle with his own and attempted a stealthy getaway.
Thanks to the all-seeing ability of that technology, police were able to track down the suspect and cite him for his failure to take responsibility at the scene.

During the course of having his glasses repaired, a man had his wallet stolen from the counter of the store providing the service, a wrong compounded by the man’s heightened vulnerability.
The man was able to locate the wallet outside the store afterward, but, unsurprisingly, his credit card and driver’s license had been lifted.
Elsewhere in optically oriented crime, an unknown female is suspected of taking a five-fingered discount on a couple of pairs of sunglasses, a crime conducted under the watchful eye of another camera.
Surveillance footage is less helpful with identifying human beings, however, as they tend to be more anonymous than properly licensed vehicles. Nobody’s perfect!

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