The DeYoung family has been feeding the area animals since 1925

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

John and Ellen DeYoung moved their family from Kent to Woodinville in 1925 when John DeYoung bought a general store from Clara Teagarden. The general store was located where the Horseshoe Saloon is now. The store sold groceries, dry goods, hardware, animal feed and other supplies that you would find at a general store at that time. Later the general store was moved across the street to the building that now houses Woodinville Florist and the Latino grocery store.

In 1944 Lowell DeYoung took over the animal feed part of the business. He moved across the railroad tracks to a warehouse that had been a produce packing plant for shipping locally grown vegetables by railroad.
An addition was made to the warehouse with milling equipment so feeds could be milled on site in addition to selling feeds manufactured by others.  

In December 1957 two burglars broke into the mill office and using a torch tried to cut open the safe. They never got the safe open, but did catch the wooden building on fire totally destroying it. A new steel building was rebuilt on the same ground as the burned-down feed mill. This was located across the street from McCorry’s on the Slough.

Through the 50s, 60s and 70s the bulk animal feed business grew and Lowell DeYoung Co. Inc. supplied dairy and chicken feed throughout Western Washington and into Eastern Washington. A small retail store was located at the mill, but in the mid 70s the retail store was relocated to the larger location on NE 175th Street in Woodinville where it is located now.

In earlier years, Woodinville was very much a rural community. It was not uncommon for people to have 5- or 10-acre parcels with homes and cows or chickens or horses or hogs.

The company made and supplied the feed for many of these animals, as well as dog and cat food. Now, with Woodinville becoming more suburban, many of the large animals have given way to homes. The store still sells many brands of pet foods, but not as much of the large animal feeds. However the “urban chicken” is becoming very popular and the store sells all the feeds and supplies needed to raise and feed the hens and roosters.

The owners say they are  fortunate to have a wonderful group of people who work for them. After 69 years DeYoung’s Farm and Garden looks forward to the future and to growing with Woodinville.

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