Candidates vie for spot on Northshore School District Board

  • Written by Shannon Michael, Contributing Writer

Three candidates are on the August 6 election ballot for Director District 1 on the Northshore School District School Board.

They are Marci Cheesebrough, Kimberly D’Angelo and Julia Lacey.

The position is non-partisan and is for a four-year term.

Openings for the District 5 position drew only one candidate, Amy Cast, to replace outgoing Board member Todd Banks who is not running for reelection. The District 1 position is the only race with multiple choices for voters. Here’s a look at each of the District 1 candidates:

Marci Cheesebrough
Cheesebrough is a parent of four children in the Northshore School District. She is a small business owner with an associate’s degree in accounting. She has been a volunteer for the district’s Special Education Parent/Professional Advisory Council (SEPAC) for four years and served as a board member for the group for two years.

Her platform includes:
• Listening to the community
• Advocating for the district’s children
• Working together with the community in decision making
• Reinstating a later start time for high schools
• Advocating for more class time for students
• Making data based decisions

On her website,, Cheesebrough states the current school board is not adequately communicating with parents and students about many of the decisions facing the Board in the next few years. Specifically, she is against the upcoming change this fall when students will be released early on Wednesdays for teacher collaboration and training. She also states that the current board does not return emails and is unwilling to allow the community to be a part of discussions on current issues.

If elected, Cheesebrough promises she will find funding to allow for later start times for high schools, will help make the Board more transparent and open to the community, and she will cut back on administration costs, which she cited on her website has having increased by 750 percent in the past 50 years.

Kimberly D’Angelo
D’Angelo is an adjunct professor and psychology program coordinator for the College of Adult and Professional Studies at Northwest University. She is a graduate of Bothell High School and is the parent of four children, two of whom are currently attending Northshore schools.

Her platform includes:
• Reducing class sizes
• Improving technology integration within the schools
• Ensuring students are adequately prepared for college

D’Angelo states on her website,, that smaller class sizes are needed in order to give students a more productive learning experience. She prefers limiting K-3 classes to 20 students and grades 4-6 to 25 students. Reducing class sizes is her top priority, according to her statement in the Snohomish County Local Voters’ Pamphlet. D’Angelo also feels the district needs to do a better job preparing students with the tools and skills needed to enter the rapidly changing global job market. Improving technology integration within the schools would help students be competitive in the future, she states on her website.  

Julia Lacey
Lacey was elected to the NSD School Board in 2009, and is the current school board president, having been voted by her peers for that position twice since 2011. She is a certificated teacher. and has two children currently attending Northshore schools.

On her website,, Lacey listed her accomplishments in the four years she’s been on the Board. They include: increased opportunities for community members to be part of the decision making process, opened student access to more rigorous course work, supported struggling learners, created a long range plan for addressing the growth in the north end of the district, and developed a strategic plan for raising student achievement that is tied to measurable goals.

Her platform includes:
• Adding more classroom space, teachers and support staff for overcrowded schools
• Supporting construction of new facilities in the crowded North Bothell area
• Establishing long and short range plans to accommodate current and future growth
• Expanding course offerings for students
• Providing opportunities for students to better prepare for college and career success
• Advocating for full-day kindergarten for all students
• Advocating for a 7-period day for high school students as a way to meet increasing graduation requirements and preserve student access to electives

In the Snohomish County Local Voters’ Pamphlet, Lacey stated that as Board President she strives for accountability and openness, which includes measurable goals and including stakeholders in the decision making process.

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