Police Beat - July 29, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police Reports

A Woodinville woman got more (or less, depending on your perspective) than she bargained for when her wedding ring was stolen after she hired laborers, suspected in the theft, through a Craigslist post for work around her home. In all fairness to Cragislist and its sometimes unsavory reputation, the track record for criminal incidents related to hiring laborers who hang out in Home Depot parking lots is not known to this scrivener. Elsewhere, another Woodinville damsel reported receiving a “bogus” call from two individuals proclaiming an affiliation with a Redmond–based software behemoth, who said the purpose of the call was to repair unspecified errors on her computer. In an effort to assist the callers, the woman provided personal information, which in retrospect she determined was unwise. The woman informed police about her concerns that the rogue callers now have untoward access to her machine.

A prowler rifled through the contents of a Woodinville resident’s unlocked vehicle, removing a trail pass, jacket, and eyeglasses. Other items that the prowler deemed unworthy of merit were strewn in the yards of the victim’s neighbors. It is not known which trail the offending prowler may at this time be hiking. In another incident, a suspect was observed placing metal objects not his own from the parking lot of a Woodinville business into a pickup truck, perhaps for sale in the lucrative recycled metals trade. The eagle-eyed observer locked the perimeter gate and confronted the aspiring environmentalist/thief, who attempted flight in the pickup. The fence prevented his egress causing him to crash into a dumpster. Thereafter he made his way from the scene on foot and the case remains under investigation.

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