Charlotte Louise Clark

  • Written by Valley View Staff

vvDid Clarkobit copyCharlotte Louise Clark, otherwise known as "Did," went home to Jesus July 28th, 2013.  She was born to Albert and Mildred Ward on October 7th, 1930 and lived 82 full years of life.

There are not enough words to describe the wonderful, unique, delightful, loving person we call Mom, friend, confidante, counselor, advisor, sister, aunt, Grandma & Great Grandma (and boy was she great!), head cook and gardener extraordinaire!  She loved us through her hospitality and generosity.

She served her husband John E. Clark selflessly and lovingly, for 60 wonderful years! John said, "She always loved everyone!" Everyone who knows her, knows just how true that is! God’s love flowed through her so naturally, she couldn’t help splashing some on you!

She had a unique gift of making you feel like you were the most "special" person she ever met. She cared about the details of your life, took the time to listen intently and showed that your life mattered to her. She always stood-up for the under-dog and always looked for the good in everyone! She was extraordinary and definitely "one of a kind!"

Back in the day, she was notorious for being the first one at the garage sales, getting all the "good stuff" and hauling it down to the Country Collections Secondhand Store in Duvall. She couldn’t pass up a "good deal!"

The Bent Can Store has lost one of their most valuable customers here in Washington and Yuma!

She had a "sassy" sense of humor, with a smile and laugh like no other. One would always feel better, having spent time with her; a sense that "everything is going to be OK!"

She was the glue that held the family together, urging all of us to gather often and eat much! To laugh and enjoy one another!

Survived and loved by her husband John…her four brothers Hank, Tom, Danny, Gary and their families … her children Terry, Timmy, Tammy, Tommy & their families … 12 grandchildren …13 great grandchildren …and countless other "adopted" family members and friends!

She has left us with a beautiful legacy… to love well … care deeply… laugh often … look for the good …gather with family and friends … eat good food …and CELEBRATE LIFE!

A celebration of her life was held on Saturday, August 10th at John & Did’s house: 5830 Tigner Rd. Cashmere, WA 98815. 

Did always cherished her Duvall family and we thank you for treasuring her through all of her years.

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