Police Beat - August 12, 2013

  • Written by Compiled from Woodinville Police Reports


The outcomes of two incidents this week hinge on the identification of suspects who, in one way or another, were distinctive enough to make their presence felt in a memorable way.

In the first, a Woodinville bartender discovered through the miracle of surveillance video that a frequent customer had been removing cash from the bartender’s purse.

Once the suspect is positively identified, charges will follow.

In a shoplifting case, two clever gentlemen absconded with groceries for which they neglected to pay.

Several witnesses provided descriptions of them as well as their vehicle, complete with license plate information.

Stay stealthy, criminal element!


A young male, described as "unsupervised," entered a Woodinville store where he asked to see "Magic" cards, which evidently have nothing to do with rabbits in hats, sawing people in half, or illusions of any sort. Painstaking research reveals that the cards for Magic "can be valuable due to their rarity and utility in gameplay."

Despite that sentence being self-evident and almost certainly written by an enthusiast, the game is so complex that it has won accolades from no less than MENSA in the past. I digress.

The unsupervised male, after inspecting the stock of cards and lacking any facility for misdirection, then fled the store with the cards and nary a puff of smoke.

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