Woodinville celebrates

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

WdvlFestvl2013-105Photo by Carol HookNo snow, freezing temperatures, high winds or torrential rain were in sight for the 35th annual Woodinville Parade held last Saturday for the first time in August instead of in late March or early April.

In place of the parkas and rain gear worn in the past, this year both viewers and parade participants relaxed in summer wear.

Parade winners were:

Best Overall Entry: Plaza Garcia

Best Float: Sammamish Valley Alliance

Most Foolish Entry: Basset Brigade

Best Business Entry: McLendon’s

Best Individual: Gaylen Sauve

Best Music: Plaza Garcia

Most Original Entry: Rotary/Town of Grace

Best Animal Entry: Homeward Pet

Best Children’s Group: Woodinville Montessori

Best Drill/Dance Team: Eastside Gymnastics

Best Vehicle: Woodinville Fire & Rescue’s ladder truck

WdvlFestvl2013-251Photo by Carol HookJudges for the parade were: Dr. Debra Stemmerman, Evergreen Health; Julie Boselly, Woodinville Weekly; Rebecca Clark, Fairwinds-Brittany Park; Richard Whaley, Creekside; Greg Allen, Evergreen Health Care.

For Basset Bash winners, see page 3.

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