Letters to the Editor - August 19, 2013

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I never had the pleasure of knowing Carol Edwards, the "Mother of Woodinville" and organizer of the first All Fool’s Day Parade, but I can only imagine how proud she must have been looking down from heaven seeing neighbors and friends come together at Celebrate Woodinville. 

What a truly fun and joyful event for our community! 

Sincere thanks to Dave Witt, Suzanne Rollins and Robin Sell of the Chamber of Commerce for taking the lead to make this such a successful event. While I am sure that the challenges leading up to Celebrate Woodinville were many, the end result appeared flawless.

Thank you, also, to Commissioner Brad Walker and Councilmember Liz Aspen for collaborating with Precor to raise money for local charities through "The Precor Challenge." 

Your dedication and efforts will benefit our community in ways you could have never imagined.

My family, friends and I are already looking forward to next year’s Celebrate Woodinville!!

Rick Chatterton, Woodinville

We would like to congratulate The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Woodinville and all of the partners on a wonderful Celebrate Woodinville Festival.

We would like to give a big thank you to Precor for their partnership and generosity in the Woodinville Leadership Challenge.

Without their donation of exercise equipment for the day and a piece of equipment for a raffle we would not have raised nearly $3,000 for Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank and Northshore Backpacks for Kids.

It was very gratifying to see elected officials, commissioners, city staff and businesses come together to support our local community in a meaningful way, and have a great time exercising in public no less.

Thank you to our participants:

Ron Dembowski – King County Council

Les Rubstello  – Woodinville City Council

Paulette Bauman – Woodinville City Council

Liz Aspen – Woodinville City Council

Rick Chatterton – Woodinville Water District Commissioner

Sandra Smith – Woodinville Water District Commissioner

Mark Wiitala – Planning Commissioner

Kevin Stadler – Planning Commissioner

Paula Waters – Planning Commissioner

Steve Yabroff – Planning Commissioner

Brad Walker – Parks & Rec Commissioner

Norm Maddex – Parks & Rec Commissioner

Zach Schmitz – City Staff

Dr. Lanika Buchanan – Health Moves

Lucy DeYoung – Ideal Office Suites

Kay Taylor – Evergreen Hospital

Jan Newton – The Collective On Tap

Chelsey Easton – McLendon Hardware

Ken Kelleigh – McLendon Hardware

Tom Quigley – Arborist

Julie Boselly – Publisher Woodinville Weekly

Gib Aspen

Stefan Aspen

James Evans

Also, a big thank you to our major donors:

Senator Andy Hill

Fairwinds Brittany Park

North Creek Self Storage

Councilmember Scott Hageman

Councilmember Les Rubstello

Kristin & Robert Gulledge

Robb Anderson – Northwest Trophies

Larry Francois – Superintendent Northshore School District

McLendon Hardware

Health Moves Naturopathic Medicine

Kay Taylor

Lucy DeYoung

Water Commissioner Rick Chatterton

Water Commissioner Karen Steeb

Liz Aspen & Brad Walker



Why are thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent by an anonymous political PAC to affect the outcome of Woodinville’s City Council election this fall?

Who is this anonymous group trying to influence our citizens with expensive robo-calls to our homes and websites full of innuendo and false statements?

Citizens sign their name at the bottom of what they write. King County publishes where we live, what we paid for our homes and yes if you want to see the Deed of Trust (bank note) for our homes you can call any Title Company in the county.

I have to declare my name and address when I speak at council meetings.

We all have to declare our names and addresses when we request records from City Hall. 

Yet this so called political PAC, "Ethical Woodinville" won’t declare who they are and have not registered with the state of Washington, Public Disclosure Commission. This secret group "Ethical Woodinville" just filed a request for records at our City Hall without declaring their names or address which is against our city policy and not the standard our very own citizens are held to.

Yet your city staff is releasing information to this anonymous political group without question. Why?

So much good has been done over the last four years in our city.

New development is underway in our downtown, the city budget is in the black, our roads are being paved and plowed and it no longer floods downtown every time it rains. The one thing that still needs to change is these anonymous individuals that slip into our city and spend thousands of dollars to affect your vote and manipulate our city staff.

There is only one city council seat that is being challenged this fall.

Take a long hard look at who you hand control of our city to.

Make sure it’s someone you know.

Make sure they live in our city and declare who they are and who supports them versus an anonymous group that speaks in mistruths, innuendo and hides in the shadows of a faceless political PAC.

Hank Stecker, Woodinville

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