Police Beat - August 19, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Have you ever visited a public restroom that was so fabulous you just wanted to hang out there all the time? A business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE wasn’t buying this story and suspected a more dubious reason for this particular fellow’s frequent and prolonged visits to the comfort station. Upon questioning, our loo lounger admitted that he’s a fan of pharmaceuticals and was promptly trespassed from the premises. 


There are few things that rouse the ire of a hard working business man more than a couple of interlopers who choose to conduct their identical business in the same location. We’re not talking next door or even directly across the street — the competition set up shop on the exact same street corner! You know what they say: Location, location, location! And this particular location happens to be the primo panhandling post in all of Woodinville! The local panhandler reported that the two interlopers shot him with a bb gun in order to claim the disputed turf. However, officers could not find any injuries or evidence to suggest he was assaulted and could not locate any suspects. Hopefully, the rightful owner of this business venue won’t be decided by a showdown at the O.K. Corner.


I’d be looking for a caboose to break into — at least this was the story given to officers by three suspects who were seen trying to conceal sledge hammers under their shirts.  It wasn’t like they were up to anything nefarious, right? After admitting to their illegal intentions, the officers explored the possibility of something else up those sleeves besides sledge hammers. Sure enough, the subjects were found to be in possession of marijuana/paraphernalia that officers seized for disposal. Sounds like one wild caboose party was successfully scuttled.


Continuing on the theme of one bad turn deserving another, officers stopped a vehicle in traffic and arrested the driver for a suspended driver’s license and outstanding warrants. After a search of the driver’s car with consent, officers found several bags containing stolen mail identification and drug paraphernalia.  Sounds like this driver never played "Mother, may I?"

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