Art Can Give You And Your Child An Edge To Success

  • Written by Nicole Stremlow Monahan, Monahan Studio

The light-filled room is comfortable with soft music, quiet conversation and the scratch of pencils on paper. Students are observing colour, shapes, and the way the light actually hits trunks of the trees across the bubbling creek. Describing and analyzing it, then creating their interpretations on paper.

Occasionally someone may change their mind about how it is drawn, and tweak a few things to improve it. A bird may enter the view and add more inspiration and the student will then problem-solve how to get the new element in. This might spark conversation and collaboration on how it could be done.

For some, frustration sets in, but persistence takes over to find a way to make the creation of personal expression work in the end. It turns out beautiful and the student is so happy and proud they completed their work of art.

Art gives both children and adults an edge in this technology driven world because it helps to grow skills such as confidence, problem- solving skills, observation, persistence and creativity of personal expression, just to name a few of the necessary skills to succeed beyond typical learning in school.

Another important factor to consider is that the act of creating something actively engages the hands and mind, so that your body can relax and the stress of a busy life can melt away and refresh you, ready to take on more.

Here are some easy ways to bring art into your home and make it a part of your family’s path to success:

1. Designate an area that is just for creating your favorite form of art. Have it set up and tidy so that it is easy to jump in even for just a few moments. Even a small table and shelves in the kitchen area can work very well. Just have it ready to go and not in the way of other activities.

2. Celebrate your own work or your child’s work by hanging it up or showing to others.

3. Take pictures of the work and make a photo book of the art, this is particularly good for children’s work that may be odd sizes and hard to store. A book is easy to leave out to enjoy.

4. Visit an art gallery, go to the theatre, concert or museum. Even just walking around town looking at public art can be fun. Make a scavenger hunt of it.

5. Enroll in art classes: dance, painting, drawing, drama, pottery, the options are endless.

6. Keep a sketchbook handy to pass the time when waiting in line or when inspiration hits. Daily practice helps to keep the mind active, learning and calm.

So in your pursuit for happiness and success in life, don’t forget to balance your mind, expand your mind, and take your skills and talents to the next level with a little exercise in the arts.

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