Letters to the Editor - Sept. 2, 2013

  • Written by Readers


A recent letter-writer made accusations about Ethical Woodinville that require a response.

Ethical Woodinville is not a political action committee (PAC) as claimed. There has never been, nor will there ever be, any endorsement of any candidates for office.

Ethical Woodinville will never ask citizens to vote for or against any candidate.

Our mission is stated clearly in every phone call, mailer, or web post that is made public: we ask citizens to call the City Council and urge them to vote for stronger ethics rules for council behavior.

The embarrassing antics of Mayor Bernie Talmas and the political operatives and council members who work on his behalf must stop.

We are at the point that when someone with a different opinion speaks up, they are attacked personally and immediately.

It is no wonder why city board and commission vacancies go unfilled for months at a time.

Too many of the best and brightest in our city choose not to subject themselves to taking sides in a blood feud just to serve their community.

The citizens of Woodinville suffer as a result.

What is so wrong with stronger ethics rules to require council members to be civil? That is all we ask.

People of Woodinville: your mayor admitted at a public council meeting that he had an informant who had staked out the home of another council member late at night, then reported what he saw back to the mayor. Does this not bother anyone?

Why are they not working on downtown traffic?

Why do road-widening projects sit stagnant while these politicians snipe and peel skin off each other?

Someone must be the adult in the room and tell the kids to do their homework and stop the hair-pulling.

If that needs to be us, then so be it.

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