Police Beat - Sept. 2, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Backpack? Check. Trail mix? Check. Dried fruit? Check. Sounds like a well-planned trip for some good ol’ fashioned backpacking out in the wilderness. The reality check was an un-planned and police-escorted  trip off the premises of a business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE. Our hoodwinking hiker was caught packing up her camping supplies inside the business and starting the hike right then and there without the benefit of stopping at the cash register for the mandatory checkout or the trail reservation. If you wanna play, you gotta pay.


An aspiring pugilist spied a pair of boxing gloves in a truck in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. You know the saying that locks only keep honest people out? This unlocked truck was no contest for keeping this contender away from his prize. Score this one a knockout.


Talk about getting beat at your own game: A victim reported her sunglasses and headphones stolen from her vehicle in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. Sure enough, a quick check of Craigslist ads found the identical items advertised a couple of days later. Turning the tables on this Craigslist crook, she arranged a meet-up, feigning interest in purchasing the items. As soon as she had the items in hand, she informed the seller that she had no intention of paying for her own property.  Astonished at this revolting development, the 16-year-old male apologized and left. Police were unable to locate him.


A resident in the 19800 block of 156th Avenue NE found out the hard way that making entry into his home convenient for a contractor also made it commodious for a crook. Neither Ali Baba nor his 40 thieves needed a magical phrase to open the gateway to the house once they found the garage door opener which had been stashed for the contractor’s use. The treasures hauled away included electronics.

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