Police Beat - Sept. 9, 2013

  • Written by Compiled by Woodinville Police Reports


Display cell phones remain ever vulnerable in Woodinville, but they are not without their defenses, as shown in one recent incident.

A man who stole just such a phone made only a partial getaway, leaving the back half of the phone still connected to the display, perhaps making this merely half a crime.

One hopes he has duct tape acuity to address the phone’s new defect.

Another individual departed a Woodinville grocery store with a cart filled by sundries and booze, yet somehow "fail[ed] to pay for them." This is a failure sure to haunt him all his days.

Before you shed tears for the criminal element, however, take heart in this anecdote: a hopeful car thief was thwarted by the victim’s anti-theft device. His will to steal undiminished, though, he managed to take the stereo, iPod and its charger. A partial success is still a success!


Things on the fraud beat were eventful this week, with a Woodinville victim’s discovery that her debit card had been used to purchase $3,000 in merchandise at a Home Depot in a nearby county.

Sadly, it would be foolish to assume that the wrongdoer surprised the victim with a new deck or even a modest bathroom renovation. (Ty Pennington is not a suspect.)

Elsewhere, an individual who purchased gas at a Woodinville location connected this purchase to several attempts to use her debit card at a number of other unauthorized locations.

Unlike the failers above, showered as they ought to be with gold stars, the debit card thief will be awarded only an "e" for effort.

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